Vacation with Payment Options-Europe/Asia

Latina asks from Frisco, TX
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I have heard about places or websites where you can book your vacation and make a down payment and you just need to pay the remaining balance 6 weeks or before your vacation. Can anyone tell me where to start looking for this? We really want to take our kids to Europe and Asia this fall and it would be nice to spread the cost out over time.

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4 Answers


Patty K.

answers from New York on

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Natalie K.

answers from Miami Beach on

My co-worker has a friend in New York who is a travel tour agent and every year they offer one of these foreign trips where you pay about 200-300 each month for a year. She passes the information on to some lady friends and that way, they can meet up every year in a different country and they get to tour different places, it's a safe alternative for single moms, for example or single women. This year they are going to Greece, last year it was Ireland. Her agency is Sunnova Travel, LLC ( I assume that if you call and ask for the payment plan travel options, they will be able to direct you to the correct place on their site that shows possible locations and broken down payment amounts (or email you their brochure).

The only thing is, all their trips depart from NY, so you'd have to pay for your airfare to NY on your own, then go through the tour company for everything else. Their trips include airfare from NY to the foreign country, the hotel, tours, etc. I think they include most, if not all, the meals too. They used to mention the payment amounts for these trips on their Facebook page apparently, but it has not been updated in some time.
Their page can be found here: There are other travel agencies that offer this payment plan option as well, like this one:

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TF Plano/Allen

answers from Plano on

ETA; no problem Military Mom. You are likely more experienced with the currency than we are. I respect your opinion.


I've never heard of anything like that.

Why don't you just save the money and when you have enough, book the trip. Make sure you save plenty extra for any additional fees, things to do, etc while there! Sometimes delayed gratification can help you appreciate something that much more.

The first post has a good idea of taking it steps at a time with airfare, hotels, and then whatever else is needed.

Make sure to include trip insurance as your health insurance does not always work on a trip like that. Also, make temporary changes to your cell phone plans so you don't incur additional very high fees.

When my daughter went to Europe, we got travel insurance at a very reasonable rate from AAA. Get your currency here through a bank before you go. You can return anything you don't use as long as it is not coins.

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MilitaryMom 6.

answers from Woodbridge on

ETA: I would respectfully somewhat disagree with TF regarding changing your money prior to travel. I have found the last few years that it is worth it to change money when you get there. You are almost always going to get the best rate by changing out at a currency exchange (not at the airport), rather than using Wells Fargo or US Bank or AAA to change in advance. You can also check with your bank regarding just withdrawing at an ATM funds in the local currency upon arrival - if there are no fees from the ATM or the bank, you will often get a very good current rate on withdrawals. I, personally, use Remilty and transfer funds to myself at my destination and just pick up in the local currency. I did this my last international trip and got an excellent rate with no fees for the transfer.


I've seen book now/pay later options on Expedia and Orbitz. Not sure if they apply to international options.

Another option would be to save up the funds first and then book, or book airfare first, then hotel when you have the funds, and then the tours last.

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