My 7 yr old boy has been complaining of quick stabbing pain in random places.

Elizabeth R. asks from Orlando, FL
6 answers

These attacks happen all throughout the day. He will be playing and suddenly startle and say right here hurts and point to random spots on his body. They occur for seconds at a time say 10-20 seconds. He describes them as stabbing, cramping, burning or as if punched. These areas will be in a confined area like bicep, forearm, wrist, chest, side of face, ribs, leg, foot, in kidney area, and back head or neck. They are on one side or the other. The areas are in six to ten inch areas. So I think they are shooting pain at times. He frequently describes stabbing in in left chest area near the nipple. He is always startled by the pain. He will tell me where it is and then go back to playing. These do not seem like growing pains. I have 7 children and a few have had leg cramps with rapid growth, rib inflammation and sternum pain. This is totally different. I have tried to pinpoint the onset. It was about 6-8 months ago, started during a sinus infection that was treated with a z-pack. Simultaneously his older sister was teasing him while he was laying on floor playing and put her foot in center of his back shaking her foot saying things on the floor get stepped on. His back popped and he had pain in the area for few days. Then he just started blurting out when it hurts ever since. Some pain levels cause him to wince and last a couple minutes. He definitely is not faking. He is pure boy. Baby of seven with three older brothers. He is used to going with the flow. Even friends have noticed him saying it. It appears in clusters. Say alot of occurrences over half an hour then nothing for couple hours. He will even wake up with it. One thing I noticed is it happens way more frequently in a day if he has had sugar. Say candy or soda. However, I would have thought it would always have been that way if he was sensitive to sugar. He has seasonal allergies and since I am a stay at home mom and he never went to daycare, he will get sick easy. The family doctor just brushes it off as growing pains. I feel it is just too frequent and the onset was sudden and has been consistent. I do not make a big deal out of it. I tell him I'm sorry you are hurting. As a side note, I have acute fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. My pain is all over and constant like the flu. I never had his type of pain. Sorry for long story. I'm just concerned we are missing something. Any suggestion or similar stories are welcome. I need help.

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6 Answers


Elena B.

answers from Aiea on

Sorry your son is experiencing this type of pain.

A couple of things you might do:

1. talk to the pharmacist who filled the Z pack prescription. Ask about any long term side effects or if he or she has any familiarity with this type of pain

2. keep a food log. Be specific (times, what food or drink was consumed). Don't just write "had a snack in the afternoon" but write, for example, "1 apple, can of Mountain Dew, 3 pm". It's easiest, I have found, to buy an inexpensive notebook and use one page per day. And note what times the pain came on that day.

3. if your doctor hasn't done some routine blood tests and electrolyte tests, request them.

A sensitivity to food, a food intolerance, or a food allergy can come out of the blue, at any age. A friend of mine is in her mid-50s and a year ago she was diagnosed with a severe corn allergy. She's eaten corn all her life with no problems and then one day she experienced severe symptoms. Allergy testing has confirmed it.

Could he have a pinched nerve? If your doctor is dismissing your concerns and if this pain is interfering with your son's life, you need a more concerned doctor.

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Retta ..

answers from San Antonio on

I would second a chiropractor if you know a really really reputable one. If they try and sell you a bunch of treatments right away or don't do a very through intake before wanting xrays, etc. Say no thank you and keep looking.

Or possibly a very good massage therapist to feel his spine and see if it is all in alignment.

Because it happened after his back "popped" it might be out of alignment and causing weird nerve pains.

I have finally found a local acupuncturist, massage therapist and chiropractor. I by no means use them for typical illnesses. We go right to our pediatrician or primary care; however, as supplemental care when it is something outside the norm they have been lifesavers. Good luck, I hope you can find a solution!! Hugs!

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answers from Chesapeake on

How old is he?
Our son had horrible growing pains in his arms and legs.
The pain would last longer than a few minutes and could happen anytime day or night.
When he was 4 yrs old he shot up 4 inches - and did it again at 6 yrs old and again at 8 yrs old.
Since it's so random, not just in arms and legs, come and go so quickly the pains your son is having doesn't sound like they are all growing pains - maybe a few are.

Has he had any bug bites (ticks, mosquitoes)?
Is he well hydrated (drinks enough water)?
Is his diet generally good (not too much junk, gets some healthy fats and is well rounded)?
Does he get plenty of exercise?
It's hard to say if this could be muscular or neurological.
Maybe it's time you take him to see a different doctor.

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answers from New York on

Press Dr for answers. If They still blow you off get another dr.

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Heidi M.

answers from Midlothian on

Have you considered taking him to a chiropractor. That's where I would start. They might be able to help. If not take him to a different Dr. if the one if blowing you off.

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Diane D.

answers from Norwood on

Follow your mom instincts and talk to the doctor again.While its true that we moms for the most part have no formal medical training we do know when something its quite right.

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