18mth old waking all night after adenoid and tonsillectomy removal ?

Kimberley D. asks from Suwanee, GA
5 answers

No sleep issues prior to surgery, generally pretty okay during the day and now won’t sleep waking all night nearly every hour ? Could he be traumatized and will this pass? We are now on Day 8

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So What Happened?

Thanks ladies for your advice & comments . In regards to the pain side his been on Panadol (every 4hourly since the day of surgery , even during the night as instructed by our ENT surgeon , with a top up of Endone if the pain is extremely bad) during the day he is fine , playing being himself .
Hence why I asked the question if this could be trauma causing the night wakings and if anyone else has had the same problem.
The reason I asked about traumatic is because he was awake and histerical when it took 3 mate doctors to hold his hand to get the canula in place in his hand .

5 Answers


Lee E.

answers from Muncie on

Most sleep issues in children are due to 2 things-a different sleep cycle than adults and a lack of sleep. My children were 2 and 3 when they had their T & A surgeries. Their sleep improved after they recovered completely. I don't think it was traumatic for them, just me. Try not to freak out because that will lead to your child doing the same. Act calm and nonchalant. Good luck.

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answers from Chicago on

My daughter had just turned 4 when she had her taken out. She would wake often because it hurt. It took about 3 weeks before the pain was gone enough to eat normally and sleep well. The first week or 2 were the worst. When she would wake, I would give her Tylenol for the pain if it was time and popsicles helped a lot.

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Heidi M.

answers from Midlothian on

If the surgery was only 8 days ago your baby is probably still in pain.

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answers from Chesapeake on

At a year and a half old - kids wake up for all sorts of reasons.
Right around 2 years old they can start having nightmares, fears of monster under the bed, etc.
Their imaginations go at full tilt during the day and it doesn't stop at night.
Some kids really change up their napping/sleeping habits around this age.

Our son had his tonsils/adenoids out at 4 yrs old and he slept better afterward than before surgery because he wasn't snoring anymore.

It can take a few weeks for the sore areas from surgery to heal up.
Talk to your doctor about pain management and recovery time.
Some kids need pain meds (liquid Tylenol, etc) longer than others.
It's important to keep him well hydrated and feed him soft foods - nothing hard or crunchy.
He can have all the jello he wants.

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Diane D.

answers from Norwood on

My granddaughter just had that surgery along with tubes put in her ears a while ago. She had pain and general discomfort for several weeks which required OTC pain medication around the clock. She's 5 so she could tell her parents that she was in pain. Make sure your little one's pain is under control since she can't tell you exactly what's going on.

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