Still being pregnant after small period

M C. asks from Bend, OR
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Hi there... so I have been driving myself a tad crazy with all that is going through my brain. I found out in March that I have a small complex cyst on my right ovary. Found this out at the same time I found out I had kidney stones. Yay me.... so my periods have always been clockwork. 28 days cycle give or take a day two max either way. So it’s May and my period was to be expected my boyfriend and I use the widthdrawl meathod right now. We have been together 6 years and birth control makes me feel like crap. So I haven’t had any weird periods prior or after finding out I had the cyst until last month. My period was 8 days late. Soooooo not normal for me! So I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. Called my GYN and let them know and she told me that I could have gotten pregnant later in my cycle and it was just too early to test. Have a scheduled u/s tomorrow June 14th to check the cyst and see what’s going on with it, she told me one way or another we will know after the ultrasound. So me being impatient went and bought a HPT and it came back invalid. With them being pricey I just figured forget it I will wait until the 14th. I haven’t had many pregnancy symptoms other than tired, super thirsty, and some goopy CM. So I guess my question is has anyone been pregnant and not known it? Or had some minor bleeding that lasted a day and a half (normally I’m 7 days like clockwork and not late) could be the cyst, just wondering why it’s making things act different when it’s been fine all along. Thanks in advance for any insight!!!

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So What Happened?

First off, we have been together 6 years and completely understand the chance of getting pregnant and would welcome a sweet baby into the world with open arms. Hints why we don’t use birth control. I was on it for the first 4 years of our relationship. My mom raised me right I know how babies come about! Now as for what happened... I had my ultrasound. Got a call this morning from my doctor and knew something was up as it was not her assistant. They found a growth in my uterus that is causing everything to go wonky. I have a 4cm polyp. She said it needs to be surgically removed. So going to my consult July 3rd. Thanks to all who had positive words to say! Now no longer stressed about my cyst or possibly being pregnant. Praying it’s not endometriosis or anything like that.

5 Answers

Wild Woman

answers from Reston on


Best way to become a mom? Use the "withdraw" method for birth control.

You REALLY need to stop with that if you aren't ready to become a mom.

Work with your doctor and find out WHAT form of birth control will work for you and your body. AN IUD is an option. The "CUP" is an option. A CONDOM would too!! Are you totally insane??

Maybe you should wait until your married and can afford a child and WANT a child before you have unprotected sex again?

Get your health figured out.
Drop the boyfriend who believes that the "withdraw" method will keep you from getting pregnant.

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Suz t.

answers from Sharpsburg on

yes, i was pregnant and didn't know it. thought i had the flu.

but the 'withdrawal method' with a brand new boyfriend?


that's not a method for anything except getting pregnant.

so, congrats. sounds like you've got exactly what you planned for.

ps- condoms don't make you 'feel like crap'.

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Margie G.

answers from Portland on

Most women I know who are regular like clockwork all have had at least one very irregular cycle in their lives. It's pretty common. Stress, hormones, illness, or nothing at all - can make that happen - where you wonder if you're pregnant.

I would just look at alternatives for birth control if this is going to be a problem especially if you're not sure when you ovulate (what I'm taking from your question).

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answers from Chesapeake on

"Withdrawl method" isn't a birth control method.
It's playing Russian roulette with sperm.
I'm glad you will be checked out by your doctor.

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Diane B.

answers from Westborough on

Wow, you've got a lot going on! I'm glad you are seeing your doctor and getting an ultrasound.

Yes, early pregnancy tests don't always give accurate results. No, withdrawal doesn't work. Yes, birth control (meaning BC pills, I assume, or the implant - a hormonal type of contraception) makes some women feel lousy - but there are many forms of the pill and there are many other forms of birth control you should look into, and they have a very high success rate. Yes, it's pretty common to have light bleeding while pregnant, often around the time the period might come, but not necessarily. This can be implantation bleeding, or something else. Some women experience this more than once. It's sometimes nothing, sometimes a concern. Yes, cysts and other problems can affect hormones, ovulation, bleeding, cervical mucus, and many other things - which makes your current situation incredibly frustrating.

So, here's the conundrum: you have to assume you are pregnant, and you have to assume you are not. (Crazy, huh?) So, you have to assume pregnancy which means don't start taking bc pills, don't smoke/drink, etc. Assume you are not, and use a barrier method of contraception so that you don't actually get pregnant while erroneously assuming you already are. If you are seeing your doctor and not just an ultrasound tech, you can get fitted for a diaphragm immediately. Or, if not, that means condoms AND spermicide at the same time, and make sure your boyfriend knows how to use the condom - sounds dumb, but SO many men put it on too far and don't leave space for the ejaculate, so the condom bursts. And it's not a high protection anyway so you must use something else too. I know he may say he doesn't like it, but you don't like hormonal bc either, and now here you are in this situation.

So, figure out what's going on, and then if you are not pregnant, have a really good sit-down with a qualified contraceptive counselor to work out different methods (pros and cons) to get the facts straight and also include your specific medical situation as well as your wishes and your lifestyle. I did this kind of counseling for years, and even pretty smart and educated women always learned something when they spent time with someone. Your doctor is one person, but Planned Parenthood counselors and other well-regarded clinics do this all the time and have excellent resources.

Good luck - I hope you get answers soon!

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