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Harper L. asks from Washington, DC
5 answers

Hi! We would like to get our AC/Heating System cleaned for our old-ish house. Can anyone recommend the best method? I’ve heard duct cleaning can sometimes put more dust into the air. I’ve also heard of a Power Vac truck that connects from a truck directly to the furnace to clean all the dirt build-up out of the furnace and ducts. Thanks for any info!

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5 Answers



answers from Eagle River on

We had someone clean our vents for the heating system and dryer, it cut the drying time in half for my laundry.

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answers from Stone Mountain on

Make sure you check the reputation of the company before you sign up. There are some con-artists out there.

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answers from Chesapeake on

When we bought our first house - it was 20 years old at the time - we had our ducts cleaned - it was a power vac truck.
The house had floor registers - so anything could fall into them.
The service was very cool - showed you what they pulled out.
There were Lego pieces in the ducts, a few coins (we kept those), some dead bugs and about 7 pounds of accumulated dirt.
Anytime windows are open - dust and pollen can come into the house, ducts circulate it and it can settle inside the ducts.
The prior owners were smokers - so that residue was in the ducts too.
The whole house smelled so much better and airflow improved very much after cleaning.

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amanda w.

answers from Kalamazoo on

We had ours vacuumed out at our old house. We used a local carpet cleaning service that also does duct cleaning. It helped with overall dust and I also think the house smelled fresher afterwards. We did it also as a "plus" to help sell our house.

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Wild Woman

answers from Reston on


You need to contact an HVAC company. If you're really in DC? MIchael and Son are good as well as Dominion Heating and Cooling services.

We had our ducts cleaned and sealed a few years ago. It's improved the efficiency of our HVAC - I don't recall having more dust.

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