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Allergie Releif for a 3 Year Old

T.M. asks from Madison

My son just turned 3 and he is having an awful time with allergies. I have him on Zyrtec daily but he still can never breath thru his nose, he is seeing an allergist...


Early Allergies

A.A. asks from Dayton

My daughter is almost 23 months old and we took her to the pediatrician about 6 months ago because her nose is constantly draining clear mucus. The ped diagnosed her ...


Advice for "Allergic Type" Symptoms

G.C. asks from Chicago

My daughter who is now 9yrs. old has had unusual "breakouts" ever since she was about three. Her knuckles get red and itch and her hands swell, then hives spread to ...


Toddler with Chronic Congestion

P.R. asks from Dallas

I feel like my 3yr old constantly is congested or has a cold. They removed her enlarged adenoids in May and I thought things would be better but it has been terrible....


Habitual Cough

B.E. asks from New York

Has anybody's child had this? My son had a case of croupe around Thanksgiving time. I took him to see the ped a couple weeks later because his cough seemed to be ...


Sick Baby! Really Need Help! Advice!!!

C.W. asks from Jacksonville

Hi, I have an 11 month old girl who for the past three weeks has been suffering from some type of sickness. I have taken her to her pediatrician 4 times in the past t...


Do Ear Infections and Asthma Go Hand in Hand?

T.B. asks from San Diego

Hi My 2 yr old-- seems to have back to back ear infections. the only way I know he has an ear infection is b.c he doesnt sleep well at night.. he doesnt get the wa...


Pregnant W/ Pollen/dust Allergies - Meds??

E.K. asks from Seattle

Ok mamasource moms, I am going nuts. I am only 5 weeks pregnant, and the last 7-8 weeks my allergies have been horrible - sneezing, itchy eyes and throat, nose conges...


Chronic Coughing

D.L. asks from Modesto

I have a friend who has a 6 year old daughter that has a case of chronic coughing. When she gets active it increases. She has alot of excuse the term but "mucus" that...


Seeking Any Advice from Moms on a Health Problem That I'm Having!

L.S. asks from Wichita

I'm a 40yr old SAHM of 7[3 grown..4 left at home] and in the last year i have been having an itchy face,mouth,tongue..I am currently on zyrtec everyday and it seems t...