Yogurt: Toddler

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R.M. asks from San Antonio

My daughter has turned 1 year old a few weeks ago. She is drinking milk like a champ. I was wondering if I could start giving her yogurt. Is there yogurt for babie...



J.S. asks from Dallas

Ok Mom's, I've searched the web looking for info on what age to start yogurt. My son is 7 months old and is eating 2nd foods and 3rd foods as well as saltines, graha...



E.S. asks from New York

What kind do you buy? Seems they are all laden with sugar, even the "organic" ones. I don't see the value of sugar even if it is "organic." Does anyone know of a bran...


Yogurt ...

V.K. asks from Sacramento

OK I have been told that I have blood pressure that borders high. So I am trying to lose weight. First stop .. eat better. So for breakfast I have been having yogu...


Yogurt V. Baby Yogurt

L.A. asks from New York

Ladies - What is the difference between regular whole milk yogurt, and baby yogurt? My MIL is intent on his having yogurt, as she feels the probiotics/ live cultu...


Baby Yogurt

K.H. asks from Phoenix

With my first we gave yogurt around 8 months. We just started with my second and my husband brought up a good question. We don't give cow's milk until they're 1 yea...


Baby Yogurt

D.R. asks from Miami

Hello Moms, I have a question for you all... who feeds their baby YO Baby yogurt? I have a 8 month old daughter whom I want to start feeding her baby yogurt but...


Greek Yogurt

A.S. asks from Iowa City

My daughter is 11 months old. She only has two teeth (a third is just coming in) so we are still primarily feeding her pureed foods. We were giving her Yo Baby yogu...


Question About Yogurt

I.M. asks from Boston

Hi all moms. Maybe you can help me with a question about yogurt. I give my 21 mos DD Yo Baby yogurt - mainly because it is organic, and also because she refuses to...


Yogurt for Babies

S.T. asks from Denver

I bought a pack of YoBaby yogurt... it says it's organic and made from whole milk - what are your thoughts on this stuff? Where else can you find whole milk yogurt fo...