Yeast Infection: Toddler, Singulair

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Singulair for a 2 Year Old??

J.A. asks from Miami

Hi Ladies! My daughter continues to get ear infections and the croup. She's recovering from her second round of this stuff. This has all happened in a matter of 4 mo...


Sinusitis/Sinus Infection

*.*. asks from New London

Went to the doctor today because I look like Rudolph. I have a fever of 99.9. My nose is so clogged. No strep or ear infection-or cough. I really did NOT want to ...


Help with My 19 Month Old Son Breathing / Upper Reispatory Infection / Asthma?

C.N. asks from Houston

my son was born premature (2 months early) , he is now 19 months old. In November he got sick with a cold but this one developed into a more severe cold than the ones...


On Going Ear Infection

B.D. asks from San Francisco

My 9 month old has had an ear infection for almost 1 month now. We first went in and was given amoxicilan, took that for a week and went back and there was still an i...


Continuous Sinus/Allergie Problems Every Month?

L.B. asks from Chicago

In the last few months, my daughter has been experiencing many sinus/allergy problems that have really started to upset her. Whenever she goes through this phase of ...


My 10 Month Old Is on His Fourth Round of antibiotics...Is This Normal???

M.S. asks from San Francisco

My 10 month old son is on his fourth round of antibiotics for a persistent antibiotic resistant ear infection. This has been going on for 6 weeks and he is in a lot ...


Son with Asthma Has Persistent Croup Sounding Cough?

B.A. asks from Chicago

My son is 3 1/2 and was recently diagnosed with asthma and allergies (outdoor pollens). I have noticed over the past year whenever he comes down with a cold, it is ac...


Little Pimple like Bumps on 11 Month Olds Torso Has His Father Worried to Death

M.L. asks from Charlotte

For the past 6 or so months, my son has had little bumps come up on his torso and arms. When they 1st appear, it looks like just raised skin with red around it (like ...


Need Advice on Ears, Allergies and Teething

E.S. asks from Houston

My now 1 year old daughter has been battling allergies since she was 6 weeks old. We have tried Zyrtec and now Singulair and nothing has improved. She has had 8 ear...


Unknown Cough

A.L. asks from Harrisburg

Ok, this may get a little long but I want to give a full picture of the last 7 months so here goes: My little guy started off with a milk intolerance so I cut all dai...