Yeast Infection: Toddler, Hydrocortisone

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8 Month Old with Diarrhea

P.M. asks from Portland

My son has had diarrhea for over 24 hours and, while I am not concerned about his hydration or anything like that, his bottom has a horrible rash. His scrotum is even...


8 Month Old Spit Up

M.S. asks from Wichita

Has anyone else had a baby with a milk allergy? This is totally based off of internet research (I know - totally not reliable all the time) but it's the weekend and I...


16 Month Old with Strange Rash

L.L. asks from Dover

My 16 month old has a strange itchy purplish-red rash on her palms along with a fever and a white coated tongue. She does not have the rash in her mouth or on her fee...


Rash on 17 Month Old's Face

M.S. asks from Philadelphia

Hi, I was wondering if anyone may have had a similar situation. Our son developed a rash on his face in early Februar - when he was 16 months old, totally out of the ...


6 Month Old Breaking Out in Hives

D.L. asks from Fort Collins

Recently, my son has been sick with the typical cold type virus going around. He also had an ear infection and went on amoxicillin. He did fine with it until about ...


Problem W/9 Month Old Daughter's Diaper Rash

M.M. asks from Norfolk

My baby girl has a diaper rash that appears in red blister looking lesions and has been like this for about a week. I have tried regular diaper rash cream (several d...


6-Month Old Daughter's Mouth Breaking Out

L.H. asks from Cincinnati

I have a 6-month old baby girl and over the last couple of months she gets really red and irritated around her mouth. It's almost like a red rash but sometimes get dr...


1 Year Old with a Rash That Will Not Go Away.

R.H. asks from Little Rock

Please help me. I am taking my 1 year old daughter to the doctor this afternoon. She has a rash on her pictular not on her bottom just on her pictular. It is red a...


Skin Propblem on My 21 Month Old- Don't Know What It Is???

S.H. asks from Phoenix My daughter has had this weird...shall we say skin issue, in the groin (where her leg meets...


Rash on 6 Month Old's Bottom

J.R. asks from Minneapolis

Our six month old has a rash on her bottom. We noticed a small couple of spots so started putting on A&D Ointment and change her every couple hours, whether really w...