Yeast Infection: Toddler, Aveeno

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Severe Yeast Infection in 2 Year Old

J.B. asks from Phoenix

Calling all mama's advice..... I have a 2 year old little boy that has broken out in what his ped believes is a yeast infection. About 2 weeks ago he had a small ra...


Yeast Infection in 9 Month Old?

H.H. asks from Dallas

My little girl always seems to be red in the diaper area, both inside her privates and on the outer lip area. Is there any cream I should be using to help reduce the...


Yeast Infection/diaper Rash/teething/ear Infection with Antibiotic HELP!!!!!!!!!

M.P. asks from Provo

Ok so my son has a yeast infection (been to the doctor) and are using lotramin. He aslo has an ear infection and is taking antibiotics. Teething with a growth spurt. ...


Yeast Infection on Her Neck

M.D. asks from Sherman

Okay I am back here at 1 AM! I am adopting a 9 week old baby. We got her at 4 weeks old and have had nothing but issue after issue.. Her mother was a diabetic ( gesta...


Yeast Rash?

K.S. asks from Houston

So he has a diaper rash and it is not the normal kind and it won't go away. It looks kind of scaley and has definate edges. I don't know what to do about it. Again...


7 Yo Daughter with Recurrent Colds and Yeast Infection

A.L. asks from Houston

Hi everyone. I hope someone can help. My otherwise healthy 7 year old girl has had a cold once a month for the past 3 months and developed a yeast infection. Her b...


23 M/o Daughter with Severe Diaper Rash... Could It Be a Yeast Infection?

T.R. asks from Cleveland

Almost 3 weeks ago, my daughter began to develop a minor, localized diaper rash. We generally use the Up&Up brand of desitin or Original Butt Paste. When the diaper...


Yeast Infection on a 3 1/2 Yr Old Girl

R.B. asks from La Crosse

after 20 days of antibiotics... my daughter popped out the worst looking yeast infection tonight. She is SO red and itchy. She can't even put her legs together and i...


Bad Yeast Infections

V.S. asks from Oklahoma City

My 15 mo. old baby has had bad rashes since she was 3 mo. old the Dr told me she gets yeast infections often. I mean she really cant go a week without getting all red...


Help - My 13 Month Old Has a Bad Diaper Rash!

A.L. asks from Norfolk

My 13 month old daughter developed a sudden diaper rash with two very raw areas that look like popped blisters (approx 2 cm in diameter)right where her bottom cheeks ...