Yeast Infection: Infant, Boudreaux's Butt Paste

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Diaper Rash with Yeast Infection

M.C. asks from New York

My one year old daughter got a yeast infection about a week and a half ago and she is at a in-home daycare all day. I wish she can walk around without her diaper on h...


Is It a Rash or a Yeast Infection?

M.N. asks from Dallas

My six month old baby girl has a rash on her bottom that has created white filled blisters that turn to ulcer-like sores after they pop. I've being using diaper rash ...


What Diaper Rash Cream Do You Prefer

J.P. asks from Dallas

I've used Desitin white as well as the clear...actually use both...the white for healing and the clear for prevention...what do you mom's like the best...getting read...


Yeast Infection Not Healing

E.M. asks from Norfolk

Has anyone dealt with a yeast infection on a baby boy? My almost 5 month old got one almost 3 weeks ago and it is just not clearing up. We used the prescribed medic...


Suggestions on Caring for Yeast Infection in Baby Boy

J.C. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 10 month old boy who has had diaper rash/yeast infection for almost 3 weeks straight now. I was told to try and find "gentian violet" and herbal remedy, but ...


3 1/2 Mo Old with ?Yeast

J.B. asks from Kansas City

Okay, here is my issue. I wash my daughter's neck area everyday - like most moms because she spits up and it runs under her chin. Like all abbies she has fat folds u...


"Diaper Rash Cream Is Supposed to Hurt."

M.P. asks from Provo

"Diaper rash cream is supposed to hurt." Those are the exact words from my dad.. . . Is this true???? I don't believe it, but my dad is adamant about it. My son is ...


Diaper Rash on 19 Day Old Help

A.N. asks from Shreveport

my 19 day old son has a yellow wet mushy poop and poos constantly now he has a diaper rash that has light bleeding he is on enfamil prosobee what can i do to help him...


Need HELP for Severe Diaper Rash/yeast Infection

K.S. asks from Raleigh

My 20-month-old developed a double ear infection and has been put on Omniceft for 10 days. A side effect of the meds is that he has very loose stools MULTIPLE times ...


Good Diaper Rash Ointment--recommendations??

J.S. asks from St. Louis

Hi mamas! My poor baby boy has a TERRIBLE little diaper rash (teething/diarrhea). We keep putting Anti Monkey Butt ointment and Dr. Boudreaux's Butt Paste and niethe...