Yeast Infection: Desitin

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Diaper Rash or Yeast Infection

R.F. asks from Dallas

My daughter's daycare provider made a note that she thinks my daughter has a yeast infection. It looks like a regular diaper rash to me - how can you tell the differ...


Desitin Makes Her Scream

A.B. asks from Pittsburgh

My daughter (7 mos) is on an antibiotic that the doc told me would probably give her diarrhea...well it did and now her little bottom is all red. I put desitin creamy...


Diaper Rash with Yeast Infection

M.C. asks from New York

My one year old daughter got a yeast infection about a week and a half ago and she is at a in-home daycare all day. I wish she can walk around without her diaper on h...


Toddler Yeast Infection?

M.H. asks from New York

My daughter has a rash, and it doesn't go away like a diaper rash. I think maybe a yeast infection ? ..... It's really red on the front of her privates. ... And it'...


Yeast Infection

D.J. asks from Dover

I think my 32 month old son might have a yeast infection. Can anyone tell me what I should be looking for and what the symtoms are?? Thanks!! D.


Yeast Infection

R.V. asks from Jacksonville

My 4 year-old daughter this morning came to me complaining that her "vagina itches and hurts." When I checked, I found her vulva very red and a little inflamed and I...


10 Month Old Daughter Has Yeast Infection

D.K. asks from Los Angeles

I am absolutely uphauled! I took Maddie to the doctor on Tues and she has a yeast infection....she was red from the bottom of her tummy to the bum. She was raw. An...


19 Month Old with Yeast Infection

A.M. asks from Detroit

My 19 month old girl was on antiboitics for three weeks for her ear infection. Now she has a yeast infection. Her diaper is irritating her and she now has red bumps ...


Severe Yeast Infection in 2 Year Old

J.B. asks from Phoenix

Calling all mama's advice..... I have a 2 year old little boy that has broken out in what his ped believes is a yeast infection. About 2 weeks ago he had a small ra...


Baby Yeast Infection

C.F. asks from Dallas

My daughter has had severe diaper rash for several days now. I have been changing her frequently and have tried several creams on her. (aquaphor, Triple paste, desi...