Workout Buddy: Toddler

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Work Out Buddy

P.R. asks from Atlanta

Hey, i'm a new single parent. I've spent the last few years at home and have always given support to my kids' father to advance himself in his career. Well, that ha...


What Is Your Motivation to Exercise???

J.M. asks from Boston

I wish I loved to exercise but it just doesn't come naturally.....thinking of getting PX90 but don't waste the $ if I don't keep it up. Have gained few pounds since I...


Seeking Workout Buddy!

K.H. asks from Dallas

Hello Mommas: My husband, two year old daughter and I moved to the Roanoke area about 3 months ago from CA. I would love to have another baby; however, I am gun-s...


Seeking Workout Buddy in Grand Prairie/Arlington Area"

C.H. asks from Dallas

Hey! I am a young, married Mom (23) with an 18 month old son and I am looking for a workout buddy in the Grand Prairie/Arlington area. I dont know any young moms an...


How Do You Keep Motivated to Exercise?

M.B. asks from Springfield

What keeps you motivated to exercise? I've hit a wall and can't keep myself motivated. Any "bright motivation" ideas would be helpful. Thanks!


Exercise Gurus Please Help

A.S. asks from Davenport

I was on bed rest with my recent pregnancy and gained a more than desirable amount of weight and my muscles have become far weaker than I would like (it was totally w...


Need a Good Home-workout Video

M. asks from Cleveland

Hi Everyone! This year I am keeping my New Year's resolution; get back into my pre-baby shape. I did some research on the YMCA, but the price doesn't fit my budg...


Fitness Results

M.B. asks from Denver

I am wondering how long and how much exersize it takes to get real results, like flat abs! I see those mom's at the pool every summer and I was wondering how much exe...


Seeking a Workout Partner

N.S. asks from San Diego

I live in Downtown San Diego and I am looking for a workout partner. I have a pretty flexible schedule, a 24-hour fitness membership. I am willing to walk, take cla...


I've Fallen off the (Workout) Wagon!

C.C. asks from Sacramento

Hi mamas, I need your advice! I've always been athletic and in good shape. Until, that is, we relocated for my job about 6 months ago. I went from waking up every mo...