Working while Pregnant: Singulair

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Which Allergy Medication Is Best for a Breastfeeding Mama?

C.M. asks from St. Louis

I have the same allergy related symptoms every April/May. It starts out as a tiny sore throat (one side only) then turns into what feels like the worst case of strep ...


8 Year Old and Cough

E.M. asks from Louisville

My daughter has ALWAYS seemed to have a cough like forever! normally it was a cough then nothing for another hour then another cough and i mean one cough. now every t...


Breastfeeding W/ Seasonal Allergies

L.A. asks from New York

Does anyone have any good or bad experiences with allergy medications that are considered safe while breastfeeding?


5 Yr Old with Bad Asthma, Frequent Pneumonia, Sleep Apnea Need Special Doctor

M.D. asks from Los Angeles

Does anybody know how we can find a good pediatric doctor. I have a 5 yr old nephew with bad asthma taking steroids, been hospitalized alot lately, getting pneumonia ...


Recurring Hives

I.C. asks from Washington DC

Hello all! Last May, I had a miscarriage. About at the same time, I started having some hives, which became quite overwhealing. After a month of trying various cre...


Allergies and Asthma in 2 Year Olds

L.K. asks from Louisville

My son is 2 years old, he was just recently diagnosed with allergies (to everything you can imagine) and asthma. He has never been on any meds his whole life, just th...


Asthma with Every Cold!?!?!

A.S. asks from Reading

everytime my 19month old gets a cold it turns into asthma. he needs a nebulizer and a steroid to help him. i cant get any answers as to why this is happening. they...


Alternative Asthma Treatment

F.T. asks from Chicago

My 21 month old son has been diagnosed with asthma. He's taking daily singular and when he has flare-ups (always after colds) takes albuterol, then often has to do pr...


Is It Allergies, Asthma or Something Else? Please Help My Son.

M.L. asks from Washington DC

I am losing a battle. My son, who is now 2 1/2, was diagnosed with RSV at 3 months. Since then, he has suffered from horrible allergy like symptoms. It doesn't APP...


Zyertec and Behavior Problems

F.L. asks from Houston

Hi Moms... You guys have such great answers I'm hoping you will be able to help me. My daughter is on Zyertec for her allergies... pretty much daily for the last sev...