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Natural Help for Asthma and Allergies

K.B. asks from Chicago

Hi. My son was diagnosed with allegies and allergy induced asthma when he was 7 years old. We left the allergist's office with 6 different prescriptions. He is all...


Peanuts and Asthma?

C.B. asks from Kansas City

hey moms, this is a question about ME, actually, so i apologize in advance. but i have a situation. i was a smoker for several years (about 8 or 9), although i quit ...


Suggestion for 8 Year Old Who Is Always Stuffy and Coughing

D.L. asks from Phoenix

My son who just turned 8 for most of his life coughs in the morning and when hes physically active. Hes always stuffy and congested. The Dr. just prescribes allergy...


Need Help with Asthma

K.K. asks from San Antonio

My son is 5 1/2 years old and he has asthma. He has non-stop coughing. The doctor put him on Advair twice a day. He has been feeling good for 2 weeks but we stopped p...


Is It Asthma?

R.R. asks from Pensacola

My 1 year old son has had a cough since the second week in January. He'll wake up in the middle of the night just hacking and chocking. He has a few fits during the d...


I'm at My Wits End with My 6 Yr Old!

S.L. asks from Dallas

My 6 yr old started kindergarten this year and its a nightmare! His schoolwork is great, his teacher is awesome, but his behavior is awful. He has a hard time keepi...


7 Year Old with Severe Allergies, Asthma, and Eczema

S.A. asks from Lawton

HI To keep it short my 7 year old son has severe allergies, asthma and eczema and has had since birth. We have seen tons of doctors,dermatologists,allergists,even a c...


Asthma and Pregnancy

C.H. asks from New York

Hi everyone. I have pretty severe asthma with this pregnancy (23 weeks) and am on a steroid based inhaler class b 3 puffs twice a day. Still not getting better (in fa...


Meds for Preventing Asthma Attacks

T.O. asks from Oklahoma City

My son has always had asthma but it has never been real bad. Pretty much we could manage it with just his albuterol inhaler. He is 15 and a half and very active in sp...


How to Calm the Subject

K.R. asks from Syracuse

My husband and I argue about his smoking. Yes he does it outside but reaks of it when he comes in. We have kids but 1 of them had asthma and now that she is off her m...