Working Part-time: Teen

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Mom Seeking Work at Home

K.P. asks from New York

I was wondering if any stay at home moms/dads are working at home. I work a full time corporate job, and I feel like I am missing too much out of my sons life with al...


I Need to Work at Home!

A.M. asks from Los Angeles

I had to leave my current job as my boss slandered my name to other employees which I know is against the law, but it is not worth my time and effort to seek it out. ...


Going Back to Work

M.G. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter is 11 weeks and I'm going back to work next week. I've probably only been away from her for a total of 8 hours since her birth and now I'll have to leave ...


My in Laws Are Super Poor and Do Not Work. Should I Give Them My Old Car?

K.R. asks from Sherman

the in laws in question are 1 grandmother(husbands mom) my brother in law, in his 30's with long time girlfriend and mother of younger 4 of the 6 children in the home...


Don't Want to Return to Work

L.G. asks from San Diego

My husband's job is not very busy and we had a conversation about me finding work late last year. Things improved and I never really looked for work. Now the topic ...


SAHM Or Work Full Time??

C.K. asks from Chicago

I am hoping there are some moms out there that can help ! I currently work full time. I have a great job, they are very understanding and the pay is great, but I miss...


Help My Teen Won't Do His Work

T.C. asks from Denver

I am a mother of four with my oldest just about fourteen. He is haveing a lot of trouble in school right now. He is not turning in classwork or homework. He is a very...


When and Why Did YOU Decide Not to Work Outside of the Home?

M.W. asks from San Francisco

Recently I have casually bumped into a few women in passing and then I have also learned from several neighbors their stories..and they are all very differents storie...


Teen Hell.

K.H. asks from Columbus

My daughter is 15 and has always been one of those kids who is really mature and smart for her age. It caused a lot of problems because while other kids didn't want t...


Hiring Teens for Summer Work - Dilemma

S.O. asks from San Antonio

I have never been in this situation just fell on me a few weeks ago. I need to hire 3 -4 teens for summer work, a 3 month job. I have 4 appli...