Working Part-time: Teen

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Advice on How to Handle a Sexually Active 16 Year Old Girl.

D.L. asks from Dallas

My 16 year old daughter was recently found to be sexually active. My husband and I of course are now worried that she will get pregnant. We have decided to take her...


Looking for a Sitter Part-time

A.R. asks from Dallas

I'm looking for someone that would be willing to keep my daughter part-time. I only work part time so I wouldnt need someone all the time. I think this is the perfect...


Help! Need Assistance to Keep My 16 Year Old Healthy - Has Mono for the 4Th Time

D.B. asks from St. Louis

My 16 year old daughter just was diagnosed with Mono again! - This is her 4th bout with it in a year and half. She is a very busy kid - Marching Band, basketball, swi...


To Head Back to Work Part Time or Not to Head Back to Work Hmmm.....

J.P. asks from Boca Raton

I'm very torn on something and wanted to reach out to all the wonderful moms out there. I received a job offer to work 3 full days, MWF. I've been lucky enough to s...


How to Deal with My Pregnant 17 Year Old Daughter

G.M. asks from Tampa

I found out several weeks ago that my just 17 year old daughter is pregnant. I am having a really hard time dealing with this. She doesn't seem to understand how bi...


16 Year Old with Job - Help Pay?

T.B. asks from Eau Claire

My 16 year old just started a job. We have never asked for her to pay for anything - including gas/fun money/cell phone, etc. Course she never had a job before eith...


My Husband and My 15 Year Old Son

D.A. asks from Philadelphia

My 15 year old wasn't rise by me he was rise by his fathers auntie but I get him every summer and some times through the year I got married in son likes him b...


To Work or Not to Work?

S.R. asks from Toledo

I am a mother of 3. After my second child I cut my work from full time to part time by taking a job share position. It has not been much easier. Less pay, running ...


Breast Reduction Surgery for a 16 Year Old.

H.T. asks from Sheboygan

About a year ago my daughter started talking a lot about having back pain. She was a fairly active girl and I assumed it was probably just from a long volleyball seas...


Have I Done the Right Thing with My 17 Year Old Son?

K.S. asks from Lexington

My 17 year old has always been a wonderful, respectful kid until this past year. I've always been a single parent and his dad has never been a consistent part of his...