Working Part-time: Puppets

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Moms Who Work from Home........

T.N. asks from Knoxville

I have a question to all moms that work from home. Any ideas. what could i do from home to earn money for my family. its hard to work and be able to aford to put my c...


Help with Homework and Getting Work Done in School

A.C. asks from Pueblo

I have a first grader who is outgoing, sweet and kind. Our problem is not getting his seat work done in class because he is too busy talking to his friends and them ...


Seeking Ideas for 4 Yr Old Daughter's Birthday Party

L.L. asks from Sacramento

Hi Everyone.. My daughter is turning 4 next month and I'm planning a party, but not quite sure what to do. My daughter attends preschool part time and I was looki...


Too Much TV

L.C. asks from Norfolk

This is going to sound bad, and that's because I know it is. But my 3 year old daughter watches entirely too much TV. Between 8-12 hours a day. I know that sounds hor...


Pregnant Mom of Two Needs Help in Management

S.C. asks from Lawton

im having a hard time keeping up with things. Ihave a 4yo and a 2yo and work two part time jobs.i feel as though i need 36 hrs in a day. between caring for them clean...


Good Reads/support/advice

M.F. asks from Minneapolis

Hi ladies, I hate to even write this, but it might help me to amdit it out loud. I have a wonderful 2.5 year old, he's the typical toddler, stubborn, indpendent, de...


How Long Should It Take a 17 Month Old to Adjust to New "Daycare"

H.1. asks from Des Moines

Hi Ladies - I am now watching another little guy a few days per week in my home. He is 17 months old. So it is just me, him and my son who is roughly the same age. Th...


Favorite Art Projects?

E.J. asks from Lincoln

I'm going to start being a part time nanny for a very bright 3 year old. We are coming up with a schedule for her day and one of the things is an art project. I hav...


Looking for Fun Table Top Activities for 3 to 5 Year Olds

B.C. asks from Joplin

I am reaching the point of desperation. I am used to keeping very young children entertained. Most of the older kids I have that I watch are part time drop ins. I am ...


Guidance on Gifts for Daycare Teachers

S.T. asks from Grand Rapids

I am looking for some opinions on holiday gift-giving at my son's daycare. My son is a toddler who has been attending the same daycare part-time since he was 3 mos. ...