Working Part-time: Miracle Blanket

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Back to work...Going Crazy!

D.T. asks from San Antonio

How does one deal with going back to work? My daughter is 10.5 weeks old and I'm headed back to work on Monday! Just thinking about it makes me cry! I put my older...


Sleep Training Advice

G.T. asks from Boston

Hi there moms. I have a 3 yr old and a 13 week old - and I just went back to work last week. I work part time and my 2 girls are in daycare 8:30-noon 3 - 5 days a w...


Need Family Insurance

S.L. asks from Phoenix

I am a first time mom of 2 month old triplets. I love my new role in life, and it is not possible for me to go back to work. I am worried, however, because my famil...


Advice on Sleeping Through the Night

S.M. asks from Boca Raton

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get my 5 week old to sleep longer at night? I have to go back to work soon and I am hoping to get down to just one middle ...


Need Baby Registry Advice

B.D. asks from Kansas City

I'm expecting a baby girl in February, and we just brought home our new 10 and 5 year-old sons from Russia. Life is a little hectic right now, and most of my time is...


Childcare for Preemies

M.B. asks from Dallas

Hey all - I had my baby 9 weeks early. She is still in NICU. Just thinking daycare will not be good for her when she comes out of NICU. Anyone have any suggestion...


Getting Depressed Wondering If I'll Be Able to Handle My Child...

A.K. asks from San Francisco

I am so worn out, and I don't know if it's because my 13 week old daughter is completely "normal" in her behavior, or if she already has a "challenging" personality. ...



C.M. asks from San Diego

Happy Mother's Day to all! I was wondering if there's any info on how long to swaddle your baby. We've swaddled our daughter since the day she was born and she's fo...


If You Had to Do It All over Again, What Would You NOT Buy?

M.O. asks from Sacramento

Hi mamas! I have two munchkins that broke the bank - I bought everything "they" said I needed and then some. With the economy the way that it is, is there anything ...


Mixing Formula with Goat's Milk for My 9-Week Old

N.M. asks from Los Angeles

Okay people...RELAX!!!! I was breastfeeding. My son had a bad latch that was causing incredible amounts of air to be swallowed. It was suggested that I just pump b...