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Help for a Working Mom

D.C. asks from Fresno

I need some help from all of you organized moms out there. I am a first time mom of a 5 1/2 month old beautiful little boy. I just started back to work part time 3 ...


Are There Any Working Moms' Groups in the Glendale/Metrocenter Area?

K.R. asks from Phoenix

Does this type of group even exist? I see a lot of SAHM groups, but not any for working moms. I'd love to join a group of moms with a similar lifestyle as my own (wo...


New to Area and Need a Gym

S.D. asks from Washington DC

I have just moved to harwood MD which about 15 min. from ANNAPOLIS and want to find a gym close by that has a good child care center. any ideas????


I Need to Work at Home!

A.M. asks from Los Angeles

I had to leave my current job as my boss slandered my name to other employees which I know is against the law, but it is not worth my time and effort to seek it out. ...


Find Cupcakes for School (SE PDX0

C.W. asks from Portland

My son wants those cupcakes with the toy on them for his birthday at school. Turns out Safeway (on Woodstock) doesn't do that. School rules are that I can't make them...


Going Back to Work but Still Want to Breastfeed

C.L. asks from Portland

I will be going back to work next month but really would like to continue breastfeeding. Unfortunately, I will be unable to pump while working because I am in sales ...


Food Ideas for Double Baby Shower at Work

A.B. asks from San Francisco

Yay, I am in charge of something fun at work. I am planning a shower in about 2 weeks and I'd love some ideas! Two of the ladies here are pregnant and one's husband...


Coupons for Grocery Shopping

K.J. asks from Phoenix

I am looking for on-line resources to get coupons for grocery shopping. I generally shop at Fry's or Safeway. I have a 16th month old son that eats real food and lo...


Breastmilk Supply and Formula Introduction (For Going Back to Work)

T.V. asks from Seattle

Hi, I'm returning to work in 11 days and am having trouble building up a supply of pumped breastmilk for him to have while at daycare. He is now 14 weeks and nurses...


Diaper Rash! What Do You Do When Desitin Doesn't Work?

K.R. asks from Chicago

Do you have any remedy recommendations for a nasty diaper rash? The skin is broken in the size of a quarter on one little butt cheek, pink everywhere else. My 20 mo...