Working for Myself

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Seeking Venues Where I Can Jumpstart a Business

L.C. asks from Dallas

I am looking for various resources or venues such as craft shows and/or offices in which I can sale various items that I create. I am not real sure on how to network...


Walking Around Money and Business Question...

S.M. asks from Kansas City

My husband and I have had a running argument for almost 26 years. No matter how many bills we have, no matter what comes up, no matter that he works outside the home...


Need Advice on Self Employment

E.A. asks from Dallas

All - I am hoping to get some help here. I am currently employed with a company as a financial analyst. I enjoy my job (some days) and make pretty good money but ...


Health Insurance Vs. Self-Pay

S.S. asks from Cleveland

Being the indecisive and over-analytical person that I am, I'd like to hear some opinions/suggestions from other moms. Currently I do have health insurance with mater...


My Husband Is in Need of an Office?

G.T. asks from Boston

My hubby is self-employed as a computer tech, and he can do a large portion of it from home. However, with our 2 small children he is finding it more and more diffic...


Ideas on Self Employment Health Insurance

S.H. asks from Dallas

My health insurance premium is set to renew Dec. 1st with an increase of $1,200 a year due to "heightened cost of medical treatment"! (I was already paying $310/mont...


How to Deal with Transition from 'Employed' to 'Stay at Home Mom'?

M.K. asks from San Francisco

I have recently decided to take a break from work (quit my job but may return to work in a few years) in order to improve our family's quality of life. My goal is to...


Health Care If You Don't Have Insurance?

E.O. asks from Youngstown

Hey, ladies -- Just wondering if any of you have any advice on what to do if you don't have health care. My husband is self-employed full-time, and employed by a ...


Health Insurance

M. asks from Dallas

Does anybody have advice on obtaining quality, affordable health insurance for self employed? I'm a SAHM. We just recently move from California, we use to have an ow...


Taxes - YUCK !!

D.G. asks from Dallas

I have a couple of questions about taxes this year and I am wondering if anyone has any answers. Please keep in mind my hubby is self employed. 1) How long do I need...