Working for Myself

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House Cleaning Contracts for Self Employed

E.L. asks from Dallas

I was wondering if any of you other ladies who clean houses for a living have contracts you use with new clients to guarantee payment. After 4 years of working my bu...


CPA For Self Employed/1099 in Plano

J.B. asks from Dallas

Hello all, I'm hoping to get a recommendation on a CPA who can do our annual taxes but also help me manage being self employed as a consultant earnings being paid ...


Job Question - WAHMs/Full Time Employment Moms - Business Owner Moms

M.H. asks from Madison

Hi everyone, I'm looking for some viewpoints and advice for a career/job related issue. I currently am a WAHM and I subcontract (have a home business) doing boo...


Need NEW Health Insurance - Self Employed - Rates Jacked Up

S.H. asks from Dallas

Goodness, my health insurance rates just went up from $217/mo to $274/mo and I've never EVEN USED IT! (Major medical w/Unicare.) Anyone have any other recommendations...


Advice from Working Moms Who Quit Their 9-5 Job and Started Their Own Business

K.S. asks from Reno

Has any working moms successfully quit their 9-5 and started their own business? If so what where your biggest challenges doing this. What do you wish you had had mor...


Advertising My to This...

T.B. asks from Lubbock

i have recently started my photography/digital design business here in lubbock. i am new to the advertising game, have printed out business cards and advertised a me...


Start Your Own Business Ideas

C.B. asks from Phoenix

Anyone open their own business that doesn't need a lot of capital to start? If you have can you tell me exactly what you do? There are so many online businesses that ...


Disagreement with Hubby over MLM Business

E.M. asks from Denver

So my husband got involved in a MLM business this past summer--I did not support the choice at the time as money is tight for us. He tells me I do not think long ter...


COBRA Or Self-Insure

J.C. asks from San Francisco

Hi! My husband, who is the sole income earner in the family, is currently in between jobs. We are feeling the pinch on our Blue Cross Insurance premiums and are debat...


Business Moms???

B.T. asks from Lafayette

To all the self-employed moms out there…this one is for you. I am starting my own property rental company and need advise on which program I should buy to keep tra...