Working at home: Teen

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Working from Home - a Perspective and a Queston

M.C. asks from Seattle

After reading SO many questions about finding the elusive "work from home" job, I felt like I wanted to add my perspective - and then I will ask the requisite questio...


Working from Home

K.Z. asks from Chicago

I would like to work from home, but I don't want to do parties or sales calls, and most of what I find out there doesn't sound like a real job. Does anyone work from ...


Working from Home

A.F. asks from Pittsburgh

I currently work full time but have been thinking about quitting to stay at home with my 14 month old. I would like to make a little money but am not interested in th...


Working from Home

A.P. asks from Chicago

I am a sahm mom to 3 wonderful girls ages 5,2,&9 months. I am looking for a REAL work from home job.. I see alot of scams out there and I was wondering if any one has...


Working from Home

S. asks from Chicago

Has anyone done (or does) these assembling products from home jobs? I've always been curious what exactly it entails. I'm looking for something to do from home that d...


Working from Home

M.G. asks from Tuscaloosa

I have found it difficult to find a decent job in this town after graduating. I was looking for job to do online/from home. I'm concerned about looking online as many...


Unmotivated 16 Year Old

J.Y. asks from Pittsburgh

My 16 year old daughter is very smart, but is very unmotivated to complete her school work, therefor seems to be running a C average in almost everything. I speak to ...


My 16 Year Old

K.J. asks from Chicago

I have a 16 year old daughter who is very smart, but she doesn't do her work at school. She has always just gotten by. This bothers me, because I try to excel in wh...


16 Year Old Daughter

M.S. asks from Pittsburgh

My daughter has just turned 16 in September. She is for the most part a good kid. She has her head on straight (most of the time), but loves to give me a hard time....


My 16 Year Old Seems Distant

L.M. asks from Sherman

I'm worried about my 16 year old.. I'm not sure if that is common, normal for teens of his age.. He tends to close the door and stays in his room, Always on cellphon...