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Double Stroller vs Snugli Type Carrier

A.T. asks from Colorado Springs

I am due to have my 4th child on July 3rd and am trying to figure out what form of "transportation" I want to use for the mall or park or walks etc. My youngest is g...


Does Not Feel like Home

M.M. asks from Nashville

How do you find a community that feels like home? One that you want to go out and meet your neighbors and feel connected. Any one recently found a place or moved th...


What Item Would Work to Hold Newborn onto My Body Comfortably?

K.D. asks from New York

My one month old baby wants to be held constantly. I have the time and don't mind doing it, only problem is my carpel tunnel in BOTH hands is wicked bad. She prefer...


What Is the Most Versatile Carrier?

T.M. asks from Medford

We recently switched our soon-to-be 5 month old baby's car seat and it isn't a traveller kind. We are now faced with how to easily carry our baby when we grocery sho...


8 Month Old Who Constantly Cries

T.B. asks from Lake Charles

I have an 8 month old little boy. He constantly cries if I don't hold him or if he isn't around me. At the babysitter's house he cries for hours at a time. He usually...


Baby Carrier/Slings Recommendations

S.P. asks from Reading

I' looking into purchasing either a baby carrier or a sling for a 4 month old. He's classified as a "high needs baby" (according to Dr. Sears) and needs to be held a...


Seeking Advice for 18 Week Daughter Who Still Struggles with Babysitters

C.G. asks from Chicago

My baby girl is such a "mama's girl" (early strangeritis), but it's making it hard for me to work (and I need to work to help support our family). I work from home t...


Having to Hold Baby Constantly

K.C. asks from Grand Junction

I have a 9 weeks old baby who is fine when I am holding him but the second I set him down he screams out. He cries so hard until I pick him up and he is fine. I have ...


3 Month Old in Spica Casts D/t Hip Dysplasia

M.R. asks from Denver

My three month old daughter has hip dysplasia and is wearing the spica cast- so both legs are in the cast and it extends up her chest. I have two questions: 1) What p...


Baby Carrier

K.K. asks from Minneapolis

I need a new baby carrier for my 5 1/2 month old son. He now weighs almost 20lbs and is way to heavy for the original wrap that I used (the Ultimate Baby wrap). We ...