Working at home: Puppets

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Moms Who Work from Home........

T.N. asks from Knoxville

I have a question to all moms that work from home. Any ideas. what could i do from home to earn money for my family. its hard to work and be able to aford to put my c...


I Wouldl Ove to Stay Home with My First Baby!!!

J.N. asks from Fort Wayne

I've received so much help from all of you that I am couting on you again!!! I am expecting my first baby and I would love to stay home with him or her! I am currentl...


Work Habits for Kindergartener

A.T. asks from Los Angeles

Well, the kindergarten report cards came home today. My 5 year old daughter did fairly well overall, although in our family of overachievers, it was "satisfactory". ...


Help with Homework and Getting Work Done in School

A.C. asks from Pueblo

I have a first grader who is outgoing, sweet and kind. Our problem is not getting his seat work done in class because he is too busy talking to his friends and them ...


Fun Things to Do with Toddler at Home

E.D. asks from Atlanta

Does anyone have ideas to share of fun, low or no cost activities to do when spending a day at home with a 17-month old? We love to read and listen to music. I would ...


Stay at Home Schedule

N.M. asks from San Antonio

I am looking to create a daily schedule for our 4 year old. Some thing from 8AM wake up time to 8 or 8:30 PM sleep time. Some basic activities, structured play, he is...


Stay at Home Mom Seeking Arts/Crafts Ideas

J.S. asks from Spokane

Hi! I am having a great time staying home with my kids this summer. This is our first time together, I've worked all the years before. We're having a great time swi...


Birthday Party at Home for 9 Year Old?

R.L. asks from New York

I have never hosted a "kid" party. I am considering hosting a (BBQ or pizza) party at my home but am not sure about entertainment, games and I am nervous about having...


New to Being Stay at Home Mom- Ideas Please!

M.D. asks from Philadelphia

I was recently laid off from my job after being there for 4 years. I actually started the job while 6 months pregnant with my first child (she's now almost 4). Since ...


Sahm Seeking Suggestions for at Home Activities to Do with My Toddler

T.C. asks from Austin

I feel so stupid asking this but... my daughter and I are both bored with all her toys and the same old activities we do together at home. We spend a lot of time ou...