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Sahm Seeking Suggestions for at Home Activities to Do with My Toddler

T.C. asks from Austin

I feel so stupid asking this but... my daughter and I are both bored with all her toys and the same old activities we do together at home. We spend a lot of time ou...


Sticker Charts Do They Work? What Tasks to Put on Them?

R.T. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies, My daughter seems thrilled to be able to get stickers at her preschool. She gets really excited so I thought I might try this at home to improve her beh...


Birthday Gifts

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas- How much am I "supposed" to spend when buying birthday gifts for my kid's classmates, or for kid parties in general? Do you buy one toy or one outf...


Toddler Chore Chart

B.W. asks from Minneapolis

Does anyone know where I can purchase a pre-made chore chart for a toddler? I just got laid off so instead of going to grandma’s everyday my 3 almost 4 year old an...


Dallas Store Selling Wooden Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers

D.K. asks from Dallas

Hello everyone! Hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas weekend. I have been searching for good wooden toys, especially cars and building blocks for my 2 year ol...


Teaching Your Two Yr Old

K.A. asks from Cedar Rapids

i have a 21/2 yr old and I stay at home with him while the other two are in school. I would like to start teaching him at home to kind of get him a head. What are som...


Dinosaur Gift for Autistic Nephew?

B.C. asks from Dallas

My nephew is turning 8 but b/c of his autism, he's really at maybe a 5 or 6 year old level as far as what he's into. He is way into dinosaurs right now and is having ...


Trying to Figure Out Age Appropriate Toys to Engage My 2 1/2 Year Old Son

L.L. asks from Orlando

I feel like I do nothing with my son when we are at home. He is in the Preshool where I work for a good part of the day. I just want to know of good toys, or activi...


Dollhouse Suggestions

J.S. asks from Pittsburgh

My DD turns 3 in a couple weeks and I'm thinking of getting her a dollhouse. Any suggestions? I was initially thinking the Fisher Price Loving Family dollhouse, rea...


Sticker Charts

J.G. asks from Rockford

Mostly just curious here, but at what age did any of you momma's start using sticker charts? what did you use them for, like chores or training? And did they work?