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Medela Freestyle Pump

K.T. asks from Minneapolis

I am researching breast pumps and recently heard about Medela's new hands-free Freestyle pump. The reviews I have found have been very positive, but there are few ou...


Ameda vs Medela Pump

M.S. asks from San Francisco

I bought the Ameda pump and have only been able to pump a maximum of 1.5 oz with it, regardless of when I pump. I'm wondering if the Medela Pump N Style would pump m...


Problems with Medela Pumps?

T.A. asks from Dover

Here's a question for other nursing/working moms. I have a Medela 'Pump n style' backpack pump. Thus far it has served me well. I'm on baby number 2, he's 3 months, a...


Avent vs Medela

H.G. asks from Reno

Hello ladies! We just had out second child and are ecstatic! Without first we weren't able to nurse and did formula but this time we are breast feeding and things are...


Medela Freestyle or PIS

J.K. asks from Dallas

First time Mom looking for recommendation on whether to purchase a Medela Freestyle pump or a Pump in Style? I like that the Freestyle allows you to walk around etc....


Looking for an Electrical Breast Pump - Preferably Medela

V.F. asks from Dallas

Hi everyone I am looking for an electric breast pump. I am due in 4 weeks and I wanted to see whether there were other options out there before I shed out the much n...


Manual Pump - Medela Vs. Advent

M.I. asks from New York

All, Here's the scenario. I recently started feeding rice cereal to my 5 month old baby. During the week, I mix the rice cereal with breastmilk from when I pumped ...


Do Avent Bottles Attach to Medela Pumps and Vice Versa?

M.C. asks from Dallas

My friend is giving me her Pump in Style Medela breast pump. Does anyone know if I am restricted to only attaching Medela bottles to the pump? I received Avent bott...


Medela Tubing Needed Asap--yikes! :)

M.R. asks from Boston

Hi: I'm in a little bit of a bind. I just came home and realized that I cannot find the tubing to my medela pump in style breast pump, and I am going to be away fr...


Medela Symphony Vs. Pump in Style

M.L. asks from Tampa

My daughter has bad reflux and really needs to sit up to feed. Therefore, I need a great breast pump that I can use everyday that will express the whole breast. I k...