Working at home: First Years

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Working VS. Staying Home

C.G. asks from Washington DC

I realize this is a hot subject for all women in the world but I have to ask the question. Has anyone ever given up a job making alot of money to stay home? If so w...


How to Transition from Working to Staying Home?

H.M. asks from Dallas

Hi Everyone. I am currently still working a full time job and was planning on quitting when I have my baby in August. Well, my husband and I have been thinkging about...


Seeking Advice..When to Stay at Home vs Work?

D.K. asks from Houston

I decided to go back to work full time after my maternity leave was over with my second baby. Now, both my boys are in a full time daycare they both seem happy. How...


Stay at Home or Go Back to Work???

J.S. asks from Syracuse

Any advice would be very appreciated. I am due for my 3rd child on December 25th!!!! I have a 9 year old and 5 year old from a previous marriage. My fiance and I have...


Considering Taking a Work-from-home Position & Need Advice

L.R. asks from Los Angeles

Hi mommas, My son just turned 1 year old & I have loved being able to be a stay-at-home momma for his 1st year. Financially, we have been struggling to make ends ...


To Go Back to Work or Not to Go Back to Work....

S.R. asks from Seattle

I have a 4 1/2 month old baby girl. I just recently returned to work for a 2 week time period (because my husband is off and can take care of her) and after the 2 wee...


Don't Know If I Should Quit Work

R.H. asks from Jacksonville

I am newly pregnant and am unsure about how to balance work and a new family. Does anyone have advice on working and having an infant?


Stay at Home Mom Advice

A.P. asks from Portland

Hi I am a stay at home mom, I know how lucky I am to get to stay home with my little girl. I love her a ton but am starting to go crazy being home all the time. My hu...


Stay at Home HELP!!

E.W. asks from Dallas

I am currently a working mom and I DESPERATELY want to find a way to stay home with my daughter. She is two and has already had to have tubes put in last year because...


Home Schooling

L.S. asks from Jacksonville

Can you moms please give me the in's and out's, up's and down's, postives and negatives of home schooling. I have a daughter who will be in first grade and a son in ...