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6 Week Old Infant. Reflux with Possible Milk Protein Intollerance, on Alimentum

J.G. asks from Provo

At 3 weeks old my daughter started showing signs of reflux. She would arch her back at feeding, cry, want more and more formula to sooth the pain and would spit up an...


Formulas/treatments That Work Well for Babies with Ger/acid Reflux

O.T. asks from New York

I have a 3 week old daughter that was just diagnosed with GERD/acid reflux. I am trying to get recommendations on formulas that are better tolerated by babies with GE...


2 Month Old Wont Take a Bottle, HELP I Have to Go Back to Work Soon....

J.M. asks from Minneapolis

I am wondering what has worked for other moms? Or if anyone HAS gone back to work with their child not taking a bottle - What happened? My 2 month old son continues ...


Home Remedy for 8 Month Old with Acid Reflux

S.L. asks from St. Louis

Our 8 month old has maxed out her options on medicine and formula and while she isn't awful, she still isn't sleeping at all well. She is on zantac two times a day an...



J.M. asks from Dover

Hi. My 3 month old daughter has been recently diagnosed with colic. We switched to Similac Alimentum. Wow, it is expensive!!!! Has it worked for anyone out there?...



C.S. asks from Toledo

Hey everybody, ok, i need your help once again. Since we figured out the whole projectile vomiting due to acid reflux how do i get this child to stop crying ALL the t...


Baby Very Fussy

A.U. asks from Detroit

I have a newborn daughter (just turned 1 month old) that is VERY fussy lately! She is already on Alimentum (started at 1 week old) per Doctors orders because by the ...


Milk Allergies... What Do I Do?

A.K. asks from Dayton

Ok, So a little bit of background.. My soon is 9 months old and since he was 4 weeks old he has been on Similac Alimentum which is a very hypoallergenic formula and n...


Expensive Formula

S.S. asks from Chicago

Hi all. I'm new to this site, as it was recommended to me by another mom friend. My son is five months old and has severe food intolerances in addition to acid reflux...


Six Month Old Baby Boy Will Not Sleep

D.E. asks from Columbus

I have a six month old boy who was diagnosed with acid reflux when he was younger! He has been on Alimentum, a hypoallergenic formula for about four months! It's supp...