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B.M. asks from Washington DC

I've been out of work for a year now after having my baby.. I want to earn my own money to contribute to the household.. But I really don't have the option to leave m...


Where to Job Search

S.Z. asks from Dallas

I currently have a good job, but I'd like to find something closer to home (I drive an hour each way right now.) I've been lucky so far as I never really had do a lot...


I Have a Job Interview!!

S.C. asks from Fort Wayne

Yay! I've been applying for lots of jobs and I finally got an interview. It's at a local bank for a part time customer service representative. I have no doubt that I'...


Job Search

A.F. asks from New York

I would like to get a job but I need daycare which is pretty expensive. I was a former teacher yet do not wish to return to teaching, although I would substitute if i...


Job Searching

L.K. asks from Detroit

What a change in my life. My husband and I have always worked in the twenty some years in the job field we love. I'm an accountant and my husband is in the manufactu...


Job Question

E.S. asks from New York

If you held a job for only six months, would you list it on your resume? I'm leaning toward no since that would open up a can of worms about why I left. Then again,...


Looking for a LEGIT Work from Home Job

T.S. asks from New York

Looking for a LEGIT work from home job. I will be home schooling my son soon and I want to find something that will allow me to be with him and work around his schedu...



G.S. asks from Lexington

Hello moms! I was wanting to work, but I also would like to stay at home with my kids! Do any of you know any good legit things to do from home making a little extra ...



B.G. asks from Los Angeles

Hey moms! Do any of you moms have any suggestions on any businesses that let you work from home? No telecommunicating or anything. Something I can do a couple h...


Picking a Job!?

M.M. asks from Eau Claire

Hello Ladies! My husband just got a job on the pipeline and moved out of state for it. My 2girls and I are at home and I currently work 2 jobs. I don't really need ...