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Going Back to Work Need Advice on Breast Pump.

R.M. asks from Austin

Hello ladies, I am going back to work after 8 months of being at home with my boy. He was exclusively breastfed and I am planning on keep on doing it as long as I c...


Breastmilk Supply and Formula Introduction (For Going Back to Work)

T.V. asks from Seattle

Hi, I'm returning to work in 11 days and am having trouble building up a supply of pumped breastmilk for him to have while at daycare. He is now 14 weeks and nurses...


Chosing a Bottle for a Breastfed Baby

K.P. asks from Fayetteville

Hi moms! I'm expecting my second child and there will be a 5 1/2 years age difference between the two. With my son, I breastfed him and used bottles when I went back ...


Breastfeeding/pumping to Go Back to Work

H.N. asks from Indianapolis

I have a three-week old daughter, and I will be returning to a full-time job in a few weeks. I am trying to prepare by beginning to pump breast milk. I am having tr...


Infant Won't Take a Bottle and Mom Has to Go Back to Work!

D.N. asks from Dallas

My friend had her first baby and has just returned to work. The problem is the baby who is now 11 weeks old will not take a bottle. Mom and Dad have been trying to ...


Mom of 6 Month Old Pumping at Work: New Pumping Schedule, Too Much to Ask?

K.L. asks from Minneapolis

My pumping schedule at work is changing and I need to make a decision on what I want to do. Previously I had been given two 30 minute chunks of time (my day at work ...


Medela Pump in Style Doesn't Seem to Work! HELP, Losing My Milk Supply!

M.M. asks from Chicago

When I first started pumping, I used a hospital grade pump that I rented from a place near Prentice. Then I went on a trip to visit family and asked them to pick me u...


Breastfeeding Mom Going Back to Work, and 4 Month Old Won't Take a Bottle!!

A.H. asks from Chicago

I am going back to work in a week and my 4 month old son won't take a bottle!! I have tried Dr. Brown's, advent, and playtex vent-aire. He used to when he was smaller...


Cure for Excessive Spit-up in Infant

H.H. asks from Chicago

I have a 4 month old baby boy who has been excessively spitting up his formula since he was 1 month old. His pediatrician has already changed his formula. He started ...


11 Week Old Who Will Not Take Bottle & I Go Back to Work in 2 Days

S.M. asks from Davenport

My 11 week old daughter will not take a bottle anymore. I have been off work for 12 weeks and have breastfed her, but she has taken a bottle at least 6-7 times in th...