Work & Family Balance

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Balance Act

E.C. asks from Boston

I am really having a hard time adjusting going back to work. I had my maternaty leave, then had my summer off. I am back to work full time and I feel like I just can ...


Life Before & After Kid

P.R. asks from Phoenix

Life before kid & after kid Mine was a traditional arranged marriage, from the moment I got to know him I knew that he was the one... Like any other newly married ...


Finding Balance

A.S. asks from Chicago

Hello Moms - I was just wondering how you all do it. How do you find time to work, keep the house up, spend time with your husband & children and still find time for...


Need Help Balancing Work and Home Life

A.C. asks from Salt Lake City

Please bear with me as I try to sort out my thoughts. I have been really struggling for some time, trying to figure out how to balance everything in my life. I can't ...


Balance Bike Instead of Training Wheels?

J.W. asks from Chicago

Has anyone tried the bicycoo balance bikes by Joovy? My husband thinks this would be a great birthday gift for our son who turns 2 in September. I definitely think ...


Advice for Balancing Work and Family

S.I. asks from Austin

I'm struggling to figure out how to keep up with fiance, career and children. Before my divorce I was working part-time and liked the balance. For the past two years,...


To Work or Not to Work

J.B. asks from Milwaukee

I'm sturggling with returning to work after having twin girls 8 1/2 weeks ago. It is not relaly a financial thing as my wages were not supporting the family. It wou...


Need Tips on Achieving Work/life Balance

S.S. asks from San Francisco

Funny, but my HR manager asked me to co-host a seminar on Work Life Flexibility. I think she looked around, saw me laughing with some friends at work (thus, happy), r...



C.G. asks from San Antonio

My husband thinks it would be OK to make love with our two small children awake and in a different room. What do you think. I say no...


Can Your Husbnad Balance the Check Book?

A.G. asks from Albuquerque

My husband is a pretty smart guy. In no way do i think he is unintelligent. However he can not balance the check book to save his life, and it makes me nuts! Last n...