Work & Family Balance

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Work at Home??

R.G. asks from Tampa

Does anyone know of any ligit work at home jobs that bring in money relatively fast?? I dont have crazy expectations or anything just looking for a normal job to do w...


How Did You Decide to Work or Not?

K.J. asks from Dallas

I am in the process of deciding if I am going back to work or not. I have a 6 week old and I need to make a decision soon. I was wondering how other mother's decided ...


Work Question

L.R. asks from Boston

Hi all, I consider parenting a full time job. However, I've been working part time to bring in a few extra bucks. It doesn't pay me all that well and I'm working...


Wondering What "A Day in the Life" of Other Families Is Like.......

S.J. asks from Houston

I'm a 35 yr old SAHM, married to my husband for 10 years, with a daughter in 3rd grade and a son in Kindergarten. I would just LOVE to hear how others describe their...


Sacrificing Family

A.B. asks from Pittsburgh

Ok, too many people are missing my question and taking this as a hit against SAHMs. *sigh*. That's not the point at all. Maybe I rambled too much in the beginning, so...


Body for Life

S.M. asks from Fargo

Has anyone done this healthier way of eating while nursing?


Work from Home

A.W. asks from Washington DC

hello mamas! I am a stay at home mom to 3 kids, and i'm expecting #4 in january. I've stayed at home since i was pregnant with my eldest who is now almost 6. while ...


Work from Home???

R.C. asks from Jacksonville

I see all the false ads in the paper & websites. Is there really such a thing as work from home??? I see these 800 numbers or u have to send a self addressed envelope...


Married Life

J.W. asks from Seattle

Husband not spending enough time with me or kids. Not telling kids he loves then enough. Spending tons of money on whatever he wants without asking what I think or sa...


Return to Work

W.K. asks from Harrisburg

Good Afternoon - I have been offered a really good full-time job. Almost too good to turn down. It is only 10 miles from son is only 21 months old and th...