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Breastfeeding Balance

C.W. asks from Phoenix

Hi all! I am trying to find balance with my son's feeding, working and sanity in general. My son is one month old today and I just completed my second day back at w...


Striking a Balance Between Saving and Spending

J.W. asks from Chicago

Let me start by saying that I realize that this may not see like a “problem” to many of you especially in light of the last 12 months. Rather, I am trying to gai...


Do You Still Balance Your *Checkbook*?

C.. asks from Columbia

Ok - so we have online banking, like everyone else. We have a consolidated loan for our credit and my student loan bills. We "try" to stick to a basic budget, when ...


Need Tips on Achieving Work/life Balance

S.S. asks from San Francisco

Funny, but my HR manager asked me to co-host a seminar on Work Life Flexibility. I think she looked around, saw me laughing with some friends at work (thus, happy), r...


Down in the Dumps but I Really Have a Great Life

J.S. asks from Dallas

Ok Momma's so I have written about this before but I guess I'm having a down day. I have a great husband that is also a great Daddy to our two boys, he treats me ...


Work from Home?

A.H. asks from Chicago

Are any of you moms making money doing work from home? I would love to pull in a little bit of income...I'm a sahm so I'm not looking for something full-time. Would ...


Family Games

A.M. asks from Lafayette

I am looking for some family friendly game suggestions. My children are 9, 8, and 6. We play games as a family on Sunday night and I am looking for some games appropr...


I Need to Remove My Mother from My Life - Thoughts?

S.H. asks from Los Angeles

So here's the situation. I'm 26. My mother is 48. I have a biological sister who is 30 that I'm very close to, and two step siblings, ages 27 and 31 that I also have ...


9 Year Old Hates His Life.

C.S. asks from Lincoln

My nine year old keeps saying he hates his life. He tries to hurt him self. Hitting him self, cutting him self with platic knivies, and putting his hands on his nec...


Looking for Ways to Make My Life More Efficient

C.L. asks from Denver

Any suggestions? I have a 3 year old and a 17 month old. Both my husband and I work full time jobs. We are looking for ways to save money and time. We get home an...