Work & Family Balance: Reebok

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Shape up Shoes, Do They Work?

J.G. asks from Dallas

So I 'm having my boy in February (hopefully) and I'm already thinking about my future work out routine. Now that all the stores are having all this big sales I wante...


Skechers Shape Ups Shoes--do They Really Work?

L.G. asks from Minneapolis

I see these types of shoes everywhere now...even winter boots that have the special sole. So, I'm wondering, if you've bought a pair and wear them regularly, do you a...


To All runners...what's Your Favorite Running Shoe???

L.T. asks from Dallas

I need a new pair of running shoes and I feel lost on where to start!!! This last pair I bought were Nike's and I'm beginning to think I bought them for looks...the p...


Need a New Excercise DVD

D.H. asks from Boise

Hi Ladies! This is my first post =) I have been doing the SLIM IN 6 DVDs off an on for a year. They work great but I am getting board!! Does anyone have a good exce...


Foot Problems While Working

L.P. asks from Janesville-Beloit

I have been waitressing for many years and have had problems with the heel of my feet hurting so bad that I can barely make it through my shifts, let alone when I get...


Must Toddler Shoes Be StrideRite?

J.T. asks from Dallas

My 14-month-old son has been walking for about 6 weeks now. He walks really well barefoot and in his StrideRite velcro sandals. The StrideRite people tell me that n...


Looking for Decent Quality Sneakers

J.H. asks from Orlando

Has anyone found decent quality shoes for toddlers that don't cost $30 - $50? Our little girl's feet are still growing pretty quickly so I don't want to spend a lot b...


STINKY Feet...

R.D. asks from College Station

My son is 6 years old. His feet smell like a dead thing!!! We have tried sandals, we've washed shoes, we've tried boots...they started growing a mold that made his ...


Little Kids Shoes - Worth the Money?

M.M. asks from Denver

Hi My son is almost 4yrs old. I have purchased most of his shoes from Target or Wal-Mart in the past. Recently a mom was talking about how bad it is for your kids de...


Are Stride Rite Shoes Worth It?

A.G. asks from Cincinnati

My little guy is almost walking, so I want to buy his first pair of "real" shoes. He always goes barefoot in the house, but he needs something to protect his feet wh...