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Breastfeeding Balance

C.W. asks from Phoenix

Hi all! I am trying to find balance with my son's feeding, working and sanity in general. My son is one month old today and I just completed my second day back at w...


Advice on Pumping/Storing Breastmilk

T.S. asks from Seattle

I will be returning to work when my daughter is 6 weeks old. My husband will be home with her for another 6 weeks, and then she will be going to daycare. I have dec...


Need Help Getting My 13Month Old off Her Nighttime Bottle

R.H. asks from Los Angeles

At 12months my pediatrician said to take our daughter off the bottle completely. I was surprised because she was born 3 months early so her adjusted age is really 9 m...


What's the Best Breastpump for Working Moms?

J.S. asks from Harrisburg

I've started back to work and my son is almost 12 weeks old. He's a big guy, already almost 14lbs! At daycare he eats about 4-4oz bottles during the day. I really wan...


Solution for Spitting Up.

A.D. asks from Seattle

I have finally found a formula for my 2 week old baby boy. I have him on Parent's Choice Gentle formula. It compares to Enfamil Gentlease. It has greatly helped his s...


Breast Reduction Surgery for a 16 Year Old.

H.T. asks from Sheboygan

About a year ago my daughter started talking a lot about having back pain. She was a fairly active girl and I assumed it was probably just from a long volleyball seas...


Thoughts on a Third Child

E.S. asks from Anchorage

Hi. My husband and I have always wanted three children. We currently have 2 wonderful boys, ages 2 and 4. We like having our children close together in age, so the ti...


Baby Shower & Registry..

K.L. asks from Portland

Hello~ I am trying to register for my baby shower & figure out all of the necessary items we will be needing for our daughter. Money has been very tight lately, due t...


Best Bottle for Breast Milk ?

S.B. asks from Gainesville

I have made the decision to pump and bottle feed instead of breastfeed, so that my baby can still have breast milk. I have to go back to work and school soon and unfo...


***TMI WARNING*** - How Do You Explain/teach Your 12Yr Old....

C.R. asks from Kansas City

My 12yr old started her period on Saturday and for the life of me I can't find a way to explain how to use a tampon to her. I really do not want her to use them yet, ...