Wooden Toys: Toddler, Fisher Price

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Fisher Price Little People Toys

C.A. asks from Washington DC

How long did your little ones play with these toys? I mean up until what age? I just bought a little people Noahs Arc boat and a L.P. barn for my kids. They are 2...


Is It Just me...or Is This Getting Ridiculous? Fisher Price Recalls...

A.D. asks from Washington DC

I need to know if I'm the only one who is starting to think things are getting out of hand in this world??? I just saw that Fisher Price just recalled millions of to...


Which Toys?

C.D. asks from Louisville

I know this might sound like a silly question but my ten month old little girl is not amuzed (sp) by anything. I don't know what toys to get her. I have bought the fi...


Toys for 12 Month Old

K.N. asks from Minneapolis

I have been asked to make a Christmas list for my daughter who by the time Christmas comes along will be 12 months. I am looking for ideas ... maybe your child had a ...


New Toy for My 12 Month

H.S. asks from Colorado Springs

I am looking for a toy to replace my daughter's exersaucer. I would like something she can pull up on and stand and play with. I have looked at the Leap Frog Learn a...


Toy Organization

K.M. asks from Syracuse

How do you all organize your kids toys? What do you do with the toys that come with several parts? For example I got my 1 year old the busy gears for Christmas. It ha...


Great Toy for 1 Year Old Boy

A.C. asks from Boca Raton

Hi! My son just turned one. My mom and dad are coming for a visit, and they want to buy him a nice toy...or even a few cheap toys. My daughter, who is 4, seemed to...


Toy Suggestions for a 13 Month Old for This Christmas

J.S. asks from Philadelphia

Hi My daughter is 13 months and will be 15 months by Christmas time. I am looking for toy suggestions to put on her list. I want to have toys that will help her lear...


Your Baby's Fav Toy When He Was Sitting/cruising/walking

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

I have so many toys for my son(10 months old) but he seems to be bored with all of them. He is now always pulling up to stand and cruising around in his playpen all t...


Frustrated with Toys!

M.P. asks from Green Bay

Has anyone else out there realized how stupid toys are these days?? They don't allow kids to have any imagination! So many toys out there have so many "bells and whi...