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Is Wood Flooring Harmful to Baby Feet?

L.A. asks from Phoenix

Hi Moms! We recently installed wood laminate flooring through out our home. My husband's friend told him that his son was complaining about his feet hurting. Whe...


Wood Floor

E.V. asks from Kansas City

Hello mamas!! We are having a birthday party for our son this month and I want to clean our wood floors with a kid and animal friendly cleaner before the party. I usu...


Cleaning Wood Laminate Floor

D.✿. asks from Dallas

My husband just installed wood laminate flooring in our downstairs. I haven't cleaned it yet because I'm scared that I will damage it. What do you guys use or how d...


Recs for Wood Floor Cleaner

K.P. asks from Memphis

I have polyurethaned wood flooring in my home. I need something that will clean it well without leaving a film or haze on it. I usually use vinegar and water but af...


How to clean hardwood floor?

K.C. asks from Boston

Help! I'm not a bad mom, but I am very neglectful when it comes to cleaning my floors. My house is entirely wood floors & some laminate. I need help with the wood. Wh...


Vaccum for Wood Floors

T.J. asks from Minneapolis

Does anyone have any suggestions for a vacuum to use on wood floors? I was thinking of looking into a canister, but I am not sure if they perform well. I am looking...


Cleaning Wood Floors

C.G. asks from Phoenix

I recently moved into a home and it is almost entirely a light colored laminate wood floor. We have tried a store bought product as well as Bona floor cleaner recomm...


How to Clean Hard Wood Floors

M.S. asks from Houston

Hi there, My Mom has had hardwood floors for awhile and she has no idea how to clean them! She dry swiffers them and spot cleans them but eventually she has to rea...


Cleaning Hard Wood Floors

L.H. asks from Cleveland

We just bought a house. The previous owners ripped up the carpet and exsposed the hard wood floor. I need to know how to take care of them. We want to get them polish...


Cleaning Hard Wood Floors!

C.D. asks from Los Angeles

We moved into a new house 3 weeks ago and it is wall to wall hard wood floors. I have 3 little kids and 2 huskey's. With the dog hair, crumbs and dirt I am at a los...