Wood Flooring: Preschooler

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Wood Laminate or Real Wood Flooring

R.D. asks from Grand Rapids

I want to change the floor in my kitchen, hallway, living room and T.V. room. I don't know if I should do real wood flooring or laminate wood flooring. I have the t...


New Flooring - Tile Vs. Hardwood

A.B. asks from Dallas

Hi All, We are thinking of getting rid of the carpet in the house and replacing it with either tile or hardwood. I would like to know what you think the pros and ...


What Kind of Flooring Do You Like?

K.A. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms, We are getting ready to replace our ugly old floors in the kitchen and family room, and I am overwhelmed by all the possibilities: hardwood, tile, laminat...


How to clean hardwood floor?

K.C. asks from Boston

Help! I'm not a bad mom, but I am very neglectful when it comes to cleaning my floors. My house is entirely wood floors & some laminate. I need help with the wood. Wh...


Kitchen Remodel: Need Appliance and Flooring Advice

R.P. asks from Sacramento

Okay fellow parents--need some help with what to choose for our kitchen remodel. We're trying to decide between stainless and black appliances and on flooring. The ...


Does Your Toddler's Daycare Have Padded Flooring in the Outside Area?

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

My son just turned 2 and was subsequently moved to the "Twos" room in daycare. This room has a separate outdoor playing area that has concrete and no padded flooring...


Looking for Experiences with New Flooring for Kitchen/bath

K.J. asks from Boston

I am looking into replacing our 20+ year old linoleum in the kitchen/bath- so very high traffic. I like the look of the linoleum just fine, but it is old and dinged u...


How Do I Get My Wood Floors Cleaned?

R.H. asks from Detroit

Hi! I have wood floors...laminated not the real thing. I also have an extremely active and messy 3 year old. I used to dissolve lysol in water and then clean my fl...


Hard Wood Floor or Slate in Kitchen?

C.S. asks from Minneapolis

Hello, We are about to embark on a kitchen remodel and I am trying to decide on flooring. Our house is 1917 home in South Minneapolis with beautiful original wood...


Baby Safe Hard Wood Cleaners

M.P. asks from Philadelphia

My entire 1st floor is hard wood and I think my current method of cleaning them may be damaging them. Prior to babies, I used the swifter wet jet for hard wood, but ...