Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom Teeth

M.K. asks from Columbus

Ok, so my daughter (16) is having all four wisdom teeth pulled next Friday. It's been years since I had mine yanked and I know they'll give us directions like no drin...


Wisdom Teeth

K.S. asks from College Station

Okay ladies hopefully someone can give me some insight here. I am scheduled to have all four wisdon teeth pulled (two are impacted and will require bone grafts) next m...


Off Topic: Wisdom Teeth Poll

A.S. asks from Iowa City

I read an article about wisdom teeth. It indicated that 80-95% of the population have wisdom teeth (apparently there isn't a lot of wisdom tooth research/statistics) ...


Wisdom Teeth Removal

D.K. asks from New York

Has anyone had their teenager's wisdom teeth removed? If so, did you have all four done at the same time. Oral surgeon is recommending that all four be removed in one ...


Husband and His Wisdom Teeth

M.C. asks from La Crosse

My 34 year old husband is getting his wisdom teeth taken out in 2 weeks. I had mine taken out quite a few years ago, so I'm sure things have changed since then. Has ...


Not Removing Wisdom Teeth?

T.L. asks from Los Angeles

Would I be the only mother in this day and age to NOT have her child have their wisdom teeth removed? My oldest son, about to turn 18, was due to have his wisdom te...


Not Removing Wisdom Teeth, Asking Again

T.L. asks from Los Angeles

I asked this question last week, but for some reason, I cannot access the question on this site, so I am asking again. Anyone NOT get their child's wisdom teeth remov...


Wisdom Teeth Removal for Moms

S.S. asks from Chicago

I've never had a tooth removed, but now the dentists says it's in my best interest to have my wisdom teeth removed since I am in my early 30's and eventually they will...


Have Your Child Had the Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

G.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hello Mamas! After removing my almost 17 y/o son’s braces his orthodontist said that we need to get all 4 of his wisdom teeth extracted. The biggest concern is th...


Help with Wisdom Teeth Pain

J.H. asks from Augusta

I am just now cutting my wisdom teeth. Right now it is only one that is hurting. I have pain meds at home from other medical problems I have, but they aren't working. ...