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Twelve Year Old Still Has All of His Baby Teeth

J.J. asks from Orlando

Hi Moms! My twelve year old stepson is going to his first dentist visit next week. Won't get into why he has never been. It's a long story. He still has all but ...


Getting 17 Month Old to Brush Teeth.

G.L. asks from Tuscaloosa

My daugther allowed us to brush her first 2 teeth when she was 7 months old but after she got her top two at about 10 months she has grown more and more resistant to ...


HELP! Toddler W/ Gray Front Teeth!!!!!

L.L. asks from Minneapolis

Recently my 2 year old's top front teeth have begun turning a grayish-brown color. This has happened very rapidly in the past few months or less. She also has a small...


Adult Teeth Coming in Before Baby Ones Fall Out

B.O. asks from Grand Rapids

My six and a half year old son has yet to loose any baby teeth although he has one bottom adult tooth that is completely through and the other bottom one poking thro...


JFF How Whacked Are Your Teeth? or Do You Have a Beautiful Smile?

J.B. asks from Boston

OK just taking a survey to see if my teeth are really as bad as they seem. I grew up in a middle class family with excellent health and dental insurance and a mom who...


First Baby Teeth Coming in Crooked

T.C. asks from Phoenix

My one-year old is finally teething but his bottom teeth are coming in crooked. They are V shaped with the angle pointing in. I don't know if this is cause for conc...


To Have My Child's Teeth Crowned or to Have Them Filled Using Laughing Gas?

A.J. asks from Jackson

Hello moms out there!, like many of you I have some concerns about my 5 year old's baby teeth, so I went to get a second opinion. first denttist says he needs four cr...


Child with Oligodontia (More than 6 Missing Permanent Teeth)

L.K. asks from Springfield

I just found from my child's dentist and an orthodontist that she is missing 8 or 9 of her permanent teeth (randomly spread throughout her mouth, some in the front bo...


Dental Braces with the Use of Implanted Screws in the Jaw to Move Teeth

T.M. asks from Miami

I am looking for information from anyone who has had to have screws implanted into their bone for the purpose of moving teeth. Or if your child had this done, then I...


2.5 Year Old's Front Teeth Need to Be Extracted - Help!

G.I. asks from Philadelphia

My 2.5 year old daughter fell on the playground two days ago and knocked her two front teeth up into her gums. After two visits to the dentist we were told that eith...