Wipes & Warmers: Seventh Generation

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Seventh Generation Cleaners?

H.M. asks from Grand Rapids

I just started using the Seventh Generation disinfecting spray and I love it. I was wondering in any moms have tried any of their many other products and if so how yo...


Seventh Generation Diapers

M.S. asks from Tampa

Hi.. I was wondering if anyone has ever used Seventh Generation Diapers? If so, what do you think of them? I'm thinking of switching from Huggies to 7Gen. I just star...


Seventh Generation Diapers and Other Brands

M.P. asks from Chicago

I have a new baby and he has incredibly sensitive skin. I've always used Pampers with my daughter and never had any problems but he seems to need something a little ...


Seventh Generation Diapers - Are They Good for Newborn Boys?

B.C. asks from New York

Due with my 2nd son in a few weeks and about to buy some diapers - first son we used the Pamper Swaddlers but I swtiched to 7th generation after having to constantly ...



B.P. asks from Chicago

I'm looking to make my own baby wipes. My baby is 2 weeks old and his bottom is already irritated from commercial wipes. Does anyone have a good recipe?


Wipes or No Wipes at Home?

T.V. asks from Portland

Every time we (my hubby and me) use wipes he gets diaper rash. (yes, we even use the sensitive kind.) We were using the baby's changing table and using wipes all the ...


Natural Diaper Wipes and Daycare

O.B. asks from Minneapolis

My three month-old is about to start day care and we are asked to supply the wipes. Curently I use soft pieces of fabric and wet them down with just water, but what ...


Baby Wipes

M.G. asks from Kansas City

Good Morning, I do childcare in my home and I provide the baby wipes. I have used the Kirkland Signature brand for years and I've always really liked them. I recen...


Problem with Baby Wipes and Daughter

T.H. asks from Green Bay

Lately my daughter doesn't like being wiped while changing her diaper, particularly in her vaginal area. Could we be wiping her too much? not gentle enough? Or is it ...


Problem with Baby Wipes

J.W. asks from Washington DC

Hello I was just wondering if anyone else had any ideas on this: My daughter is two and all of a sudden started getting really red around her butt. I thought she had...