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Homemade Baby Wipes

A.D. asks from South Bend

Hi. I was just wondering if anyone out there has ever tried making their own baby wipes? If so, was the money you saved worth the effort? In other words, would you...


Cloth Wipes Help Needed!

K.J. asks from Nashville

Hi moms! I wanted to know how many of you used cloth wipes and what your wipe solution recipe is. I am looking for a wipe solution that I can make with products sol...


Throwing Twins Baby Shower

A.H. asks from Milwaukee

I am throwing a baby shower for my sister who is having twins. I want to make this extra special for her and they have struggled for over 3 years to have a baby. Do...


Advice/Suggestion On Baby Shower Gifts

E. asks from Dayton

Hi...My workplace is having a combined baby shower for three women who are expecting this spring. All three are having their first, all are having boys, and all have...


Is Using Dreft for Baby Clothes Really Necessary?

J.W. asks from Columbus

Dear Moms. I am wondering if using special baby laundry detergents like Dreft really necessary??? Has anyone tried both and really see the difference? Or, can I just ...


Best Way to Get Coupons

A.A. asks from Lansing

Hello Ladies, I am all about saving money this year and I am looking for advice on different ways to save money, especially on everyday name brand groceries. I woul...


Store Brands?

R.P. asks from Chicago

Hello All, Was wondering if I could get a few opinions on various store brands of diapers and wipes. We currently use Pampers Swaddlers diapers and Huggies wipes....


Cloth Diapers

S.C. asks from Grand Rapids

Hi... I know, this is my 3rd question in like 24 hours... but I am curious... We are going to be useing cloth diapers on our 4th babe. He is due in 3 months. I do...


HELP!! My 8 Month Old Baby Has Diaper Rash So Bad I Can See Some Red Skin!!!!

S.N. asks from Chicago

I'm feeling so bad :( Since yesterday she has had severe mucusy diarrhea and she only vomited once uptil now. She cries in pain every time she pooped and everytime ...


Seeking Moms Opinions on Latest "Study Warns of Chemicals in Baby Items"

L.R. asks from Detroit

Have any other moms read the articles on MSN and Yahoo today? http://health.yahoo.com/news/ap/baby_products_chemicals.html Do any of you know if Burts Bees product...