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Women's Retreat Theme Ideas

D.M. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms…We are starting to plan our annual Women’s Retreat with our Church. I need to come up with 3 ideas for a theme for the retreat. I’m drawing a blank! ...


Birthday Party Ideas for Boy/Girl Twins

R.W. asks from Chicago

I am planning a birthday party for my soon to be one-year-old twins. They are boy/girl twins. So I am looking for ideas for themes for their first birthday party. ...


Need a Theme for Bunko Night

C.T. asks from Dallas

I am in a bunko group and we have themes for every time we get together. We exchange gifts with a "secret sister" based on the theme for the night. Recent themes in...


Princess Birthday Party

J.N. asks from Columbia

Hi everyone my daughter will turn 1 in April and I am starting to plan her birthday party. The theme I want to go with is Princess. I have never planned a party befor...


Daughter's Sleepover Party Theme.... Ideas Please!!!

E.C. asks from Dallas

So my daughter is turning 7 on Friday. We are having a sleepover. There are 8-10 girls coming between 7-13. Theme is ROCKSTAR. I want to do a few games. Any ideas. An...


2 Year Old Birthday Party

J.K. asks from Indianapolis

My son will be 2 in May and we want to have a small party(15-18 guests)for him. The problem is the day after his birthday movers are coming to move us! Therefore, I ...


Goodie Bags at a 1St Birthday Party

J.L. asks from Chicago

I just have a question, Do you things I need to have goodie bags at my sons first birthday party??? some people are telling me it sa waste of money pelase let me kno...


Space Theme Birthday Party

J.K. asks from St. Louis

I am looking for some more creative ideas for my son's birthday party. He will be turning 7. I don't really want to use any characters. Maybe a R2D2 or C3PO balloon, ...


Seeking Craft Ideas for Little Mermaid Theme Birthday Party

E.T. asks from Dallas

My daughter will be turning three in February loves the Little Mermaid, so that is going to be the theme of the party. Since the weather in February is so unpredictab...


Hollywood Party Theme

V.M. asks from Cleveland

Can you hlep out with decorations and favor ideas for a hollywood themed party? What's making this tough for me is that it's for cubscouts. So #1 boys and #2 youn...