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Red Wine Spill on Tan Carpet, HELP!

M.W. asks from Washington DC

Hello Mama's! Last night, late, red wine was spilled on my new tan carpet. I didn't have anything to clean it up with. So I used lysol wipes, better than nothing I...


How Do I Battle a Stubborn Spaghetti Stain!!

B.S. asks from Tampa

Hi moms. My stain treating arsenal is well stocked and I've tried everything to get a sauce stain off a shirt. I tried soaking in oxy clean and hot water overnight, a...


Kool-aid Stain!!!

K.C. asks from Kansas City

My daughter got a kool-ais stain today. It's red kool-aid on a pink shirt. I ran cold water on it but there's still a noticable stain. Any suggestions?


Coffee Stain on New Carpet!!

J.O. asks from Detroit

Help! On Saturday, my husband spilled a cup of coffee all over our new, light grey carpet. I tried treating it with Bissell's stain remover, but it didn't work and ...


Help! Need Stain Removal

C.P. asks from Rochester

My son got sick after drinking a glass of strawberry milk. It threw it up all over my white floral carpet. I quickly put Bissel stain removal agent on it. Next, I ...


Raspberry Stain on Ceiling!

J.G. asks from Chicago

My oldest was making something with berries from our garden and she dropped the bowl. it went everywhere, and I now have a stain on my newly -year old- painted ceil...


Best Stain Remover?

K.T. asks from Decatur

What is the best stain remover you have used? Do you like oxiclean powder that goes in the wash? I am currently using spray and wash, and it is just ok - so what pr...


Mustard Stain in Carpet!

M.G. asks from Chicago

After having almost 80 people in my house for a Memorial Day party I noticed someone spilled a large blob of yellow mustard on my carpeted front step. I let it sit a ...


INK Stain Removal?

L.C. asks from Dallas

Can you please tell me what I can use to remove a ink stain from my husbands shirt? It has been washed but never dried. It did air dry but has not been through the dr...


Urine Stain on New Mattress

A.D. asks from Great Falls

HELP! My 2 year old just had an accident on my brand-new mattress! It is a pillow top just a few weeks old and shame on us, we haven't gotten around to buying a matt...