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Stain Remover

C.O. asks from Los Angeles

Can anyone recommend a good stain remover for clothing? I like the tide stick for small stains, for me, it doesn't work so well on larger stains. My daughter is still...


Makeup Stain on White Carpet

J.D. asks from Fort Collins

I spilled a whole bottle of foundation (makeup)on the white carpet in my bathroom. I tried to use spotshot (the best stuff I know of) on it, but it hardly made it any...


Removing Beet Stains

Y.R. asks from San Francisco

My husband dropped a pickled beet on his white shirt, leaving a lovely purple stain. What do you recommend to get it out? Thanks, mamas!


Stained, Smelly Carpet

L.H. asks from Salt Lake City

Does anyone have any tips on how to clean the stain and odor out of carpet after it's been thrown up on? I've tried baking soda for the smell and it didn't work.


Carpets with Toddlers

K.S. asks from Seattle

Anyone know a good carpet product for removing stains? Thanks in advance! Blessings, K.S.


Does Resolve Really Work?

L.C. asks from San Francisco

My husband did some rearranging over the weekend..we can definitely tell which part of the carpet had traffic on some parts of the carpet is lighter than the...


How to Get Vomit and Other Stains Out of Carpets

S.K. asks from Denver

To all you veterans out there who don't cringe at the thought of child vomit I need help. We have pretty light carpet and I was wondering how to get all the lovely "...


How to Remove Baby Poop Stains?

A.B. asks from Stockton

I need a crash course in Laundry 101 and especially ideas on how to clean baby clothes after diaper explosions. I exclusively breastfeed my new daughter of 7 week...


My Floor and Carpet Are a Mess I Need Your Help !!!!!

C.K. asks from Portland

Ok I know having two kids especially two toddlers that my house is going to be a mess. Well we rent and we have a beige rug which i hate. So every spill or mess shows...