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Going Crazy!

K.T. asks from Minneapolis

I am a single mom with spending the summer at home with my very spirited, highly energetic 18 month old, and I am going crazy. I feel like I can't do anything- even t...


Big Boy Bed!

J.B. asks from Chicago

My son just climbed out of his crib for the first time. That is my cue to begin the big boy bed. We took the front of his crib off to make a day bed and began last ...


First Sleepwalking Experience - a Little Freaked Out!

A.M. asks from Kansas City

hey mamas, i admit i am a little freaked out and i need a little "omg no big deal at all!" from you more experienced mamas lol. two times we have found our 6 year old...


Bedtime battle...still

T.Y. asks from Sarasota

We have put our son (2 1/2) into a big boy bed about 2 weeks ago. A few days later we gave up the pacifier (which he only used at bedtime).And we are having the prob...


Help, DD Driving Me Nuts!

L.S. asks from Washington DC

My 2 1/2 year old, out of boredom and possibly anger, will pull all of her clothes out of her dresser, all her drawers, cubby holes and small cupboard. When we put he...


Help! I Have a Baby Gate Climber!

J.W. asks from Dallas

Dear Moms, Any suggestions on a good, "no-climb" baby gate??? We have even tried doubling two baby gates--and she still climbs (with no fear), which of course is...


Attention Seeking Behavior (14 Month Old) - How to Deal with It?

J.S. asks from Charlotte

My 14 month old son has started doing things just for attention. He knows that he is not allowed to do these things because he will say 'no no no' as he's doing the b...


Two Year Old Wont Sleep in Her Bed

L.D. asks from Milwaukee

My youngest daughter (age 2) refuses to sleep in her bed, and we dont know what to do about it. We recently took her crib down because she refused to sleep in that, a...


22 Month Old Climbing Out of Crib

T.T. asks from Washington DC

My daughter has started climbing out of her crib. So far I have tried putting her back in every time she gets out, which works sometimes, but mostly she just thinks i...


3 1/2 Yo Decied That Sleep Is Optional!

M.C. asks from Savannah

My 3.5 yo daughter was a fabulous sleeper up until the beginning of September. She started fighting bedtime which is usually 8 (doesn't end up going to sleep till ab...