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C.T. asks from Detroit

Can anyone recommend some good childproofing locks for the drawers. I bought some from Babies R Us but they do not stay on the furniture. My kids are constantly pul...


Ugh...childproof Latches That Actually Work!??

D.M. asks from Chicago

My adorable yet mischievous 9 month old loves exploring my cabinets,of course there are some that need to be off limits. Problem is I have bought three diff types of...


Baby-proofing Recommendation

I.S. asks from Chicago

would you recommend a baby-proofing company or brand of products which has worked for you and your little one?


Childproofing Question

E.H. asks from Minneapolis

I'm getting started on baby-proofing my house. Just wondering if those of you that have already done it can give me some helpful tips. I'm concerned that I have a l...


Child Proof Lever Locks (To Outdoors) on Rental Home - Help!!

N.A. asks from Minneapolis

Anyone have suggestions for childproofing lever door locks for the doors that go to the outside and the garage? I need something that will work for a rental home. It ...


Stressing Out About Childproofing. Advice?

L.B. asks from New York

I live in a very small, cramped apartment that was my husband's before we got married. For years, he has been promising me we will move and then something comes up a...


Childproofing Stairs and Cabinet Doors Without Drilling

L.B. asks from Dallas

I am looking to childproof the top and bottom of my stairs (wall on one side, ballaster on other) and also lower cabinet doors and drawers in the bathrooms and kitche...


Childproofing Cabinets - Recommendations Please

D.G. asks from Chicago

I'm looking for a recommendation in childproofing our cabinets and drawers. A friend highly recommended TOT LOCKS but it involves drilling deep into cabinets and the...


Childproofing Egg Shaped Door Handles

K.L. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of a way to childproof doors with egg shaped handles? My 2yo soon keeps getting into our pantry. I have tried numerous safety covers, but none will w...


Accordion Doors Keeping Them Locked?

J.S. asks from Jacksonville

We put our daughter in a toddler bed, and because she is a climber, we put her dresser in the closet and went to buy a zip lock so she couldn't get in. However, we we...