Whole or Vitamin D Milk: Alimentum

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C.D. asks from Savannah

my now almost 15 month old did fine with the whole milk switch, for about a month and a half, now she wont touch it, we had already broke her from the bottle, so she ...


Almost Year Old Son --- Question on Whole Milk

M.T. asks from Springfield

Hi everyone. I posted a request before when my son was almost 11 months old asking everyone's opinion on mixing formula and whole milk so by a year he was on whole m...


Milk Allergies... What Do I Do?

A.K. asks from Dayton

Ok, So a little bit of background.. My soon is 9 months old and since he was 4 weeks old he has been on Similac Alimentum which is a very hypoallergenic formula and n...


Transitioning to Milk

D.B. asks from Pittsfield

I feel like it has been heaven the last two months. We started my baby on ALimentum formula and she stopped spitting up, finally she's no longer uncomfortable after a...


Getting 13 Month Old to like Whole Milk and off Bottles

K.G. asks from Chicago

Hi! I am wondering if anyone else had trouble getting their baby to like milk? I have been trying what my ped told me to do - place a sippy of milk and a sippy of w...


Milk Protein Allergy

M.D. asks from Miami

My 8 month old DD has been on Alimentum since 2 months for a milk protein allergy and we are thinking of trying a different formula. My husband wants to go directly ...


Milk Allergy

C.S. asks from Philadelphia

I have had to switch my son to Soy Formula when he was first born. Now that he is almost 1 year old I want to switch him to milk. The problem is when I give him who...


Switching from Formula to Milk

F.H. asks from Mobile

My daughter turned 1 on August 2nd and she has been on Similac Alimentum since she was six weeks old.The doctor said that if I gave her whole milk now it would make h...


Milk Allergy

M.N. asks from Philadelphia

hello everybody. my 2.5 m was just diagnosed with a milk protein allergy and put on Nutramegen. does anybody know if thats the best formula for milk allergic babies?...


Breast Milk to Soy Milk

V.K. asks from Sacramento

My Daughter is going to be 14 months old soon. I have been giving her breast milk this entire time but am ready to stop pumping now. She has not nursed since she wa...