White Noise or Sound Machine

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Issues with Neighbor over Sound

N.W. asks from Salt Lake City

I live in a townhouse--our first home that we were able to have lots of input on the design. I LOVE our house. We own rather than rent our town home. My only neigh...


A Washing Machine Question

J.U. asks from Norfolk

We rent, the washing machine died on Monday. Our landlord was nice enough to made a decision today about what to do. She told me she is getting the Whirlpool Cabrio (...


Cpap Sleep Apnea Machine

L.M. asks from Cleveland

ok talk about flatulence! hubs got his machine and willingly uses it but at least half the night he sleeps with his mouth open and ALL the air goes right into his ...


Reviews on Front Loading Washing Machine?

M.K. asks from Dallas

Our washing machine recently went out and we're looking at getting one of the front loading ones. We have been out to look at them and have read online reviews, but ...


Washing Machine Causing Stains? HELP!

K.C. asks from Los Angeles

Help! I think the washing machine is actually causing stains on my clothes. Often times, I put a shirt into the wash and it comes out with a dark spot on it that wa...


Do Those "Cleaners" for an HE Washing Machine Really Help?

N.B. asks from Minneapolis

So my HE washer I have had a few years, has had its ups and downs. But the last few months, it has inconsistently been making me Nutso! Sometimes the clothes, and esp...


Why Is My Washing Machine Making the Towels Smell Bad?

R.W. asks from Phoenix

I've noticed that all of our towels have a bad odor to them. It is especially noticeable when the towels are wet. Like when we are drying our hands, or after bathin...


Ever Machine-wash a "Surface Wash Only" Stuffed Animal?

K.I. asks from Chicago

The morning my youngest daughter turned 18 months, she celebrated by taking off her poopy diaper and having a poo-poo party. Needless to say, her favorite stuffed an...


Does This Sound like Gallstones?

M.K. asks from Los Angeles

I have had this pain for about 2 or 3 years, and I put it down to indigestion, because it comes on after I eat stupid foods like a huge bag of potato chips or somethi...